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Spiders, civics, sushi & Road House w/TE Dalton Schultz | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Last time we talked, you revealed that you're named after 'Dalton' from the movie "Road House", but that you'd never actually seen the movie. Since then, you watched it. What did you think about your namesake?
DS: Great movie. I see why people like it so much. It's a cult classic.

2) DD: Which was the more practical thing he did out of these two: always having a full set of spare tires in his trunk or carrying around all of his medical files?
DS: Medical files. For him, for sure.

3) DD: But he gets lots of slashed tires, too, so...
DS: I'd still say the medical files.

4) DD: Who is your favorite non-Dalton character from that movie?
DS: That's a great question. I'm going to go with the the farmer guy (Editor's note: Emmet). The dude that Dalton rents a house (Editor's note: actually an un-air conditioned loft in the barn) from. I thought he had a lot of wisdom. I like him.

5) DD: Did you know Patrick Swayze is from Houston?
DS: Really?

6) DD: What's a cheat meal for you?
DS: Sushi. As much deep-fried sushi as I can handle. I'm a big sushi guy.

7) DD: If you don't set your alarm, what time are you waking up?
DS: Right now it's freaking 6:30. My body won't let me sleep past 6:30.

8) DD: What's the animal you least like to be near, or would least like to be near?
DS: Spiders, for sure. Not a spider guy.

9) DD: Any spiders?
DS: Big spiders.

10) DD: You ever seen one?
DS: Yeah. Some of the wolf spiders in Texas, there was one that was literally as big as my palm.

11) DD: What was your first car?
DS: It was a 97 Honda Civic. Crank windows. No AC. Manual. No power steering. I remember that vividly because I separated my shoulder in high school, and it was my right shoulder

12) DD: What was your first job ever?
DS: That's funny. My first job was actually football. I had odd summer jobs, but I never had a W-2 employee job.

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