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Houston Texans

Apply today to be a part of the Texans Battle Red Staff

Do you dream of a job in the world of professional sports?

The Houston Texans are currently seeking applications for their Battle Red staff, part-time employees who assist in many different ways, including promotions, events and Gameday entertainment. If you have a passion for the Texans and are looking for valuable experience with a professional sports team, this opportunity is perfect for you!

From making lifelong contacts to learning about different aspects of the business side of sports, Battle Red Teammates have found their experience to be invaluable in their careers. In fact, some have even found their dream jobs within the Texans organization!

Here are what some of our former Battle Red employees had to say about their experience:

"Being a part of the Battle Red family has paved the way for where I am at today! During my time as a Battle Red member, I was able to form relationships with leaders who served as my mentors, worked alongside incredible teammates, and learned firsthand what it means to be a Houston Texan. Getting familiar with the Texans culture as Battle Red assured me that there is no other place for me. I was able to get my feet wet in all departments to truly know which department was a right fit for me. From working gamedays, to setting up for community events, I gained something every step of the way. The knowledge I learned can be applied in all aspects of my life, but most importantly towards my career. I am able to work cross departmentally with the individuals I have worked with during my Battle Red years, and I am able to use my past experience to be innovative in my role today. If you're in a place where you know you'd like to work in sports and events but not sure exactly what position, I highly recommend joining Battle Red. The things you learn as a Battle Red member will be beneficial no matter where you end up! I will forever be grateful for my Battle Red family!" – Nida Lakhani, Marketing

"I have been with the Houston Texans for 6 seasons and it all started with Battle Red. Being a part of Battle Red gave me the opportunity to make connections, gain an internship, and then finally my full time position. When you join Battle Red you get the opportunity to work with most of the departments and start to figure out what you might want to do. As a Battle Red team member, I worked numerous events and went above and beyond to show that I wanted to be involved. I signed up for as much as I could and that landed me two different internships and then eventually my full time role. I was willing to put in the work to get where I am and I had a lot of fun doing it. Joining Battle Red was the best decision I've made and I would recommend applying because it's an amazing opportunity and you never know where it can take you." – Jasmine Butler, Lonestar Sports and Entertainment

"The Battle Red program is so unique and I know that I would never have gotten my full-time position without the experiences and connections I made while being a part of Battle Red. What makes it so unique is that it affords you opportunities to work directly with different departments and can help people interested in working for a franchise figure out what department they might want to progress in. On top of that it fits flexibly into any schedule. If you have time to work 5 events a week, you can do that. If you can only work nights or weekends, you can. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get started in the sports industry." – Ryan Records, Marketing

For more information on Battle Red requirements and to apply, click here.

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