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Houston Texans

Carlos Watkins provides COVID-19 essential truckers & staff with breakfast

When Carlos Watkins saw a story on the "Today" show about the challenges faced by truck drivers amidst COVID-19, he felt compelled to show his support.

The Houston Texans fourth-year defensive lineman provided a Whataburger breakfast to Houston-area Jetco Delivery staff and truck drivers on Thursday.

"The truck drivers are the ones making it happen for us," Watkins said. "They are risking their lives by making ours easier so I wanted to show appreciation."

Truck drivers, responsible for keeping the grocery store shelves stocked during frenzied COVID-19 shopping, are often unable to feed themselves while on the road. In his interview with "Today," Jorge Chavez of Jetco Delivery revealed that many truck drivers were forced to prepare meals in their vehicles during their long routes since restaurants were closed.

"I know a few truck drivers," Watkins said. "It's a very demanding job and not always the easiest when it's time to pull over for food, water, etc."

According to the segment, the nation's 3 million truck drivers are unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis, working overtime to keep the critical supply chain moving.

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