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DeMeco Ryans gives inside look at his mic'd up moment | Daily Brew

From his enthusiastic coaching from the San Francisco 49ers sidelines to his All-Pro playing days in Houston, DeMeco Ryans has always shown his passion for the game of football. His mic'd up moments as a player illustrate exactly why his former teammates loved him and affectionately called him "Cap" or "Meco."

Now that he's the head coach of the Houston Texans, fans will get a chance to see even more of one of the most impactful players in team history.

But first, let's go back to the 2009 season following a Week 3 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ryans gets a chance to sit back and watch his mic'd up video and offer some extra commentary.

The video starts off with Ryans pumping up the team in a pregame huddle.

"Whose house is this?"

"Our house," Ryans says, seated in front of the television, in unison with the video.

"That's just my role, being a lot more vocal, just being in guys' face a lot more, making sure they understand that we can get this done but we have to do it together," Ryans says to the camera.

Ryans also has a very cool moment with first-round draft pick Brian Cushing after one particular play.

Ryans: "Hey, you feel me on that? We in Cover-3, you got to get there. I just expect more."

Cushing: "Expect everything."

Ryans: "I expect the best."

Even though Cushing is a rookie, he says he's not. It's clear Cush wants to play at a higher level and Ryans motivates him to do so.

"Yeah, I feel like that's my little brother so I have to look out for him," Ryans says about Cushing. "I feel it's just my job to make sure that I get the best out from him."

When the offense is on the field, Ryans is just as encouraging.

"Andre Johnson, I love watching Dre," Ryans says. "He's always making big plays, knocking defenders off of him."

Watch the rest of Ryans mic'd up and his commentary below:

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