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Houston Texans

Enemy Intel: The Jaguars are talking about the Texans

Jacksonville Head Coach Urban Meyer on Texans QB Tyrod Taylor: "We went all the way back and studied some of the things he has done in the past, as well — very talented quarterback. You have to do more than just the preseason when you are prepping. I've always thought he's a heck of a player. I like the guys that can move. He's a dual-threat guy. In Buffalo, he was outstanding and then he got injured at the Chargers, but I've always thought he was a heck of a player."

Jacksonville Defensive Coordinator Joe Cullen on Taylor: "He can make the deep throws. He's a Pro Bowl quarterback. He can win the game with his feet. The biggest thing we wanted to do was keep him in the pocket because that (outside the pocket) was where he was beating people."

Jacksonville CB Shaquill Griffin on Taylor: "Knowing that he's kind of mobile, knowing that he's got a nice arm to throw the deep ball, knowing that he can keep the plans kind of similar to what Deshaun Watson has done for the offense…I'm not treating it as this is a quarterback we can kind of take it easy on. We're going to treat him like he's the best. We know what he's capable of. We know he likes to do. We've got to attack him a little early. We got something nice planned for him. Trust me."

Cullen on the Texans offense: "They want to be physical and run the football. Their quarterback can run. We have to do a great job knocking the run out and making them one-dimensional. They move all the pieces round so fast that they get people's eyes looking over here and the ball is running there. We have to be really disciplined on our keys and knock the run out."

Griffin on Texans WR Brandin Cooks: "That's someone I've got a lot of respect for. That's someone I can definitely look forward to competing with. I know he's going to bring his A-game.

Meyer on Texans Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith: "Lovie Smith's history is to let the guys play. When you hear him talk and watch them play, they had 10 turnovers in three (preseason) games and only nine the entire season last year. So you see it. There's been a call to arms to protect that ball."

Jacksonville QB Trevor Lawrence on the Texans defense: "Just a really sound defense. They don't try to necessarily trick you. They don't have a bunch of crazy looks and all these different coverages. They keep it pretty simple, but the tough thing about that is, when you keep something simple, everyone's exactly where they're supposed to be. So it makes those windows tighter. They do a really good job when they play man coverage, of not giving up big plays. So that'll be a challenge. They do a good job with zone eyes. A really good job reading the quarterback. They forced 10 turnovers this preseason, which is three games. That's a lot of turnovers. That's one thing that jumps off the page when you're looking at just their stats. The way they fly around has been impressive to watch."

The Texans open the 2021 regular season against Jacksonville at NRG Stadium on Sept. 12. Kickoff is set for noon on CBS and SportsRadio 610. For tickets, click here.

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