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J.J. Watt to be featured on Wheaties cereal box


J.J. Watt will be the latest star athlete to grace the cover of the famous orange Wheaties box. The newly-retired, three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year announced the news on his social media channels Tuesday.

"I'm just sitting down this morning to have a bowl of cereal, pretty exciting news to announce that Wheaties, iconic brand, breakfast of champions, the box that every athlete wants to be on as a kid, you dream about it growing up," Watt said. "Very excited that I just received the first box and I'm going to have my first bowl this morning."

Watt then proceeds to pour himself a bowl of cereal but pauses to reveal the other surprise. He won't be alone.

"Oh, c'mon, T.J. is on the box," Watt says, with a dramatic sigh. "Three Defensive Player of the Year awards, he's got one and we share the box? It's still awesome but I'm going to have a conversation with somebody over there at Wheaties about this. But anyways, extremely excited to be on the Wheaties box for the first time ever."

J.J. and his brother T.J. Watt, who plays linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, are the first brothers to be featured on the cover of the Wheaties box available in August.

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