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Lovie Smith on Rockets' Stephen Silas: "He's H-Town like we are"

Rockets Head Coach Stephen Silas was a visitor at Friday's Texans practice, and he was happy to be there.

Just as happy, though, was Texans Head Coach Lovie Smith.

"It's very special," Smith said. "Stephen is doing a great job. I'm a big basketball fan. I see what he's doing with our Rockets. He's H-town like we are, so it's good for us to compare notes but good to see him at practice."

Silas is entering his third season with Houston, and was thrilled meet Smith, General Manager Nick Caserio and several other members of the Texans organization.

"I reached out, and he was like 'Yeah, come to practice,'" Silas said. "To be here and to see the energy, to see the structure, how they do things, meeting a bunch of people, talking about analytics, structure and building, is really good for me."

Silas is a big fan of the way Smith coaches, and appreciated the way he was constantly communicating with players on the field. Smith enjoyed hearing the praise, and sent some back Silas' way.

"Anytime you get a compliment from a coach, I mean, it is a big thing," Smith said. "As I've said, a lot of what our Rockets are doing, it's what we're trying to do. But yes, you have to have relationships and you have to be hands on coaching the players in a positive environment. I've seen -- I know Stephen's style of coaching. It works, and of course we're trying to do some of the same things."

For Silas, the morning at practice morphed positively in a way he didn't expect.

"It's been a very productive day," Silas said. "I thought it was going to be a fun day, but it's also been productive."

Smith and the Texans will practice again Saturday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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