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NRG Park, Texans hope to increase voter turnout in 2020 | Daily Brew

NRG Park, which houses NRG Stadium and NRG Arena, has been designated as the election headquarters for the Harris County Clerk's Office and for the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

"Our constitutional right to vote provides all of us with a voice in our government and we encourage all Texans to be heard by participating in elections," Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes said. "We are proud to be working with Harris County to help make voting accessible to all in our region by opening NRG Arena as a polling location. This is one part of our multifaceted voting initiative that we know will make a positive impact within our community."

On the same day, the Houston Texans launched their “We Are Texans, We are Voters” initiative. The Texans are partnering with NRG Park and the Harris County Clerk's Office to encourage fans and the Houston community to do their civic duty and take part in the election process.

"I think the biggest take away from that is just the importance and understanding of the role that we have and being able to shine light on it," wide receiver Randall Cobb said. "I feel like voting is the most American thing that we can do. You know, that's what makes us a democracy. So making sure that we're going through the necessary steps to get registered to vote, knowing the polls, knowing who's on the ballot, educating ourselves, because there's a lot of names that you really need to study up and know what they believe in, because these are the people that are representing you in the House and in the Senate, the sheriffs, the judges, everybody that's on that ballot."

NRG Arena has been designated as the election headquarters for the Harris County Clerk's Office for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. The Arena will also serve as an early voting and Election Day location.

"I really think that's huge having the arena opened up for that large amount of people being able to have easier access," Cobb said. "I think the flow obviously with the space alone that you have in the arena, along with the parking, I think it will make the process a lot easier. You know, some of our leadership meetings that we had more recently, we're trying to find ways that we can get actively involved and being in some of the poll sites."

Early, in-person voting will be held October 13-30 in Hall D at NRG Arena. Drive-thru early voting will be held October 13-30 in NRG Park's Blue Lot 16. Entry for all voting will be Gate 8 off of Kirby Drive. In-person Election Day voting will be held November 3 at NRG Arena Proper. Election Day Drive thru voting will be in NRG Park's Blue Lot 16.

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