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OC Pep Hamilton: Brandin Cooks' presence brings level of "paranoia" for defenses

The Houston Texans extended veteran WR Brandin Cooks through the 2024 season, following his back-to-back seasons eclipsing 1,000 receiving yards. After being traded three times in three years, to the New England Patriots (2017), the Los Angeles Rams (2018) and Houston (2020), Cooks will get a chance at stability in his nine-year NFL career.

"Brandin (Cooks) has been through an awful lot," Head Coach Lovie Smith said Monday. "He's a guy that's done it a few different places, but what I was able to see from a different position last year was just how he went to work every day, too. You have veterans that you want on the team to show the younger guys how to play, how to handle themselves as a pro. Brandin feels really good about being here. We talked about those other players wanting to be here, Brandin is another one that wanted to be here. He believes in that vision for our football team and what we can do. I'm excited to have him back."

Cooks' presence brings a constancy to the Texans offense as well. QB Davis Mills will get his top offensive weapon back for his second season. In 2021, Cooks finished with a team-high 90 catches, 1,037 receiving yards and six touchdowns. He accumulated 459 receiving yards on third downs, the third-most in the NFL.

"I think that when you look at just the production that Brandin has been able to have over the last few seasons but over the course of his career, he brings a certain level of paranoia for our opponents and that's going to open up the opportunity for us to balance out our attack," OC Pep Hamilton said. "We have to improve our run game but at the same time we go out with the objection to score. We want to outscore the opponent every game we play."

Cooks has reached 1,000 receiving yards in six seasons since entering the league in 2014, tied for the second-most 1,000-yards-plus seasons in the NFL during that span.

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