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Phillip Dorsett makes an impact

Phillip Dorsett had quite a night in Los Angeles.

The Texans receiver caught three passes for 48 yards, and also drew a pass interference penalty in the game's closing minutes that advanced the Texans offense 46 yards from their own 42-yard line down to the Rams' 12-yard line. Two plays later, Houston was in the end zone, and the Texans wound up winning, 24-20.

On the play, Quarterback Jeff Driskel went deep to Dorsett on the right hash, and the veteran receiver almost came down with the catch. But the flag was thrown on the Los Angeles defense, and ultimately, Dorsett was happy the offense moved down the field.

"Honestly, I just had my sights on the ball," Dorsett said. "I wanted to catch it. I had my hands on it and I didn't know what happened. I knew it had to be some kind of P.I.."

It was the second penalty of the game he drew. On the touchdown drive to close the first half, Dorsett pulled in a 32-yard catch from Quarterback Davis Mills. A Rams defender was flagged for unnecessary roughness, and the Texans offense went all the way from it's own 35-yard line to the Los Angeles 18-yard line.  

"That was a big play by Davis," Dorsett said. "Great of him to see that Cover 2 hole shot. He laid a great ball up there, so I just did my best to catch it."

For Mills, having a receiver with Dorsett's array of abilities is a big help to the offense.

"He's extremely valuable," Mills said. "Especially with his speed to be able to take the top off the defense. He's been really good at a lot of the short and intermediate routes, too. Just catching with strong hands and protecting the ball over the middle."

Nico Collins caught an 18-yard touchdown pass the play after Dorsett's 32-yard reception with the penalty tacked on to it. He's also glad to have such a valuable receiver in his position group.

"That's another speed guy who can separate," Collins said. "A deep threat, and a guy who can get open."

Dorsett and the Texans will practice on Monday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. They host the 49ers on Thursday evening at NRG Stadium.

Check out some photos from the Texans, Rams matchup in Preseason Week 2.

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