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Saturday's High Performers at RB & WR | Combine Superstars


The city of Houston doesn't have hockey but there are enough Texans fans that follow hockey. At the end of every hockey game, there are three stars announced for that game's performance. It's like naming a Player of the Game, but three of them for each game. As such, I decided I'd grade Combine performances on the Hockey Three Stars' scale. On Saturday, it was time for the offensive flyboys to take the stage.

Let's start today with the running backs, an, uh, interesting class without a Bijan or Jahmyr in the group. Either way, a few stood out.

1. RB Jaylen Wright, Tennessee - Last week, while I was in Indianapolis, I did an interview with Sean and Seth on SportsRadio 610 and they asked me who might stand out during testing. I gave them Wright's name and he proved me right. He ran a 4.38 40-yard dash, posted a 38-inch vertical jump and a 11-2 broad jump. He's RB3 in my Harris 100, but his testing made me think twice about him elevating to RB1 or RB2. Wright crushed it…and I need to thank him.

2. RB Trey Benson, Florida State - My RB1 battle is VERY close, but currently, Benson is in that lead spot. He's going to stay there unless unforeseen happens or is disclosed. The former Seminole Benson flashed his speed with a 4.39 40-yard dash, which is an amazing time at 6-0, 216 lb. The only running back with a better performance stepped to the forefront after spending the majority of his career in the shadows at Wisconsin and Louisville

3. RB Isaac Guerendo, Louisville - After living in the shadow of a number of different running backs at Wisconsin, Guerendo transferred to Louisville in 2023 to get more opportunities. He started the year as Jawhar Jordan's backup and ended the season as Louisville's best running back. But, it took the Combine to TRULY show that he's worthy of being a star at the next level. He ran 4.33 in the 40-yard dash, jumped 41-inches vertically and posted a 10-9 broad jump. What an all-around performance and it should be enough to have NFL teams' attention.

Now, let's move to wide receivers.

Oh my goodness.

The name of the game is Three Stars, which means I'm leaving, at least, a dozen receivers out of this top trio. That's how great this draft class tested on Saturday evening.

1. WR Rome Odunze, Washington - Odunze wouldn't leave Lucas Oil Stadium until he ran a sub-6.6 second 3-cone. He was the last athlete left on the field and for all the noise about top prospects skipping the Combine, he stayed and competed. Keep in mind, Odunze is number three OVERALL in the Harris 100. His eventual 3-cone time was outstanding for a 6-3, 212 lb. wide receiver. He posted a 6.88 in the 3-cone and a 4.03 short shuttle. He ran a 4.45 40-yard dash, posted a 39-inch vertical and a 10-4 broad jump. He tested in EVERY category while lower ranked WRs didn't even show up on site. Salud, Rome.

2. WR Brian Thomas Jr, LSU - Thomas is a player often associated with the Texans, as many have mocked Thomas to the Texans at pick No. 23. He showed why EVERY team with a WR need should be interested. He tested through the freakin' roof. Thomas ran the second best 40-time in the WR group at 4.33 seconds. Then, he posted a 38.5-inch vertical and 10-6 broad jump. He's 6-3 and 209 lb. How are those numbers for real? Totally crushed it, but he's just the number two star because the Longhorn duo went OFF.

3. WRs Xavier Worthy & Adonai Mitchell, Texas - There are a few position duos in this draft class, but no duo left more of an impression than these two. Worthy did one test, running the fastest 40-time in the history of the Combine. He ran 4.21 on his second run. And, it broke the internet, while Lucas Oil Stadium went NUTS.

It was one of my favorite Combine moments ever. Mitchell led the WR with a 4.34 second 40-yard dash until Worthy ran. Regardless, Mitchell did the entire workout. He posted a 39.5-inch vertical and an 11-4 broad jump, in addition to his blazing 40-yard dash. Those are ALL ridiculous numbers and the fact that they came from two receivers from the same school is just unreal.

For the QBs, there wasn't really any testing to speak of and they all threw the ball pretty well…with no rush and air defenders, so they ALL get stars...for today anyway. Yay!

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