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Texans future is "Surface of the Sun" bright | The Experts


Last week at the Combine in Indianapolis, we chatted with a few national media folks who cover the NFL. The Texans hired Head Coach DeMeco Ryans in late January of 2023, drafted the Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the year in quarterback C.J. Stroud and defensive end Will Anderson, Jr., and then won 10 games, AFC South, and a playoff game.

On Monday, 'The Experts' shared their thoughts on what the "Next step forward" is for the organization.

Yesterday, 'The Experts' had some intriguing comparisons for Stroud.

In today's installment of 'The Experts', the national media members answered the question: "The future is bright for the Houston Texans. But HOW bright?"

Rhett Lewis, NFL Network: "Surface of the sun. I don't know that there is a franchise in the NFL right now with higher expectations and a better ability to meet those in the coming years than the Houston Texans."

Mike Silver, Bestselling author and columnist for San Francisco Chronicle: "It is so bright that if DeMeco Ryans were this type of human, he would wear shades on the sidelines. I know Mike Singletary did it, Tony Sparano did, but he had an eye condition. I would not advise DeMeco to do it, but he would be forgiven in my eyes if he just showed up with shades on the sideline, because that's how bright it is."

Jordan Reid, ESPN NFL Draft Analyst: "They need to turn the lights up in here...THAT's how bright it is. It is very, very bright. A lot of people didn't expect them to win a playoff game last year. That was a huge surprise to a lot of us. So they're way, way ahead of schedule."

Andrew Siciliano, NFL Network: "It is very, very bright. The future is sky high. I'm not ready to predict them to go to (the Super Bowl in) New Orleans next year, but I think fans should be excited that they are ready to make a run."

Chris Rose, NFL Network: "Really bright."

Matt Miller, ESPN NFL Draft Analyst: "It's sun bright. Or ESPN studio lights bright. You've got a division that is very winnable for the foreseeable future. You've got a blue-chip franchise quarterback who could be a Top-5 quarterback in the NFL next year. But also, you have a front office and a coaching staff that did a great job last year. It's that ability to continue to build."

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