Teams reporting on free agency, trades altered due to COVID-19

3.18 COVID free agency statement

The 2020 NFL league year is underway and players are changing teams, but COVID-19 has impacted how all 32 clubs can report trades and new signings for at least the next few weeks.

Under league rules, we, along with all NFL teams are prohibited from announcing that a player has been acquired before a contract is finalized. This means that teams can agree to terms, but cannot report official announcements through their social media or websites.

The biggest issue is completing player physicals, a necessary component to finalizing contracts for new free agent signings or trades. Because of current COVID-19 travel concerns and restrictions, NFL clubs are not permitted to bring any free agent to the team facility. Likewise, teams cannot send medical staff or club personnel to any location to meet a player or conduct a physical. Players and teams do have the option of getting physicals administered from an approved physician in the player's city.

So basically, players need to get their physicals done in order to sign contracts.

Until the contract is signed, the league is prohibiting teams from announcing trades and free agent signings. This includes, our app and all social media platforms.

Rest assured, as soon as contracts are finalized, will be ready immediately to bring you highlights, stories and all player related content when permitted to do so.

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