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Texans "have 80 to 100" players they would draft this year

Hundreds and hundreds of players are Draft-eligible on a yearly basis, but Nick Caserio detailed how the Texans eliminate many of those in the pre-Draft evaluation process.

Just one week away from the start of the NFL Draft, the Texans General Manager met with the media on Thursday during a press conference at NRG Stadium. Caserio touched on numerous topics, but explained how Houston has whittled down the list of possible future Texans over the last few months.

"I'd say there's roughly 80 to 100 players that we would actually draft," Caserio said. "That doesn't mean we'll draft them all in the first round, but at some point I would say that is about the number."

There are several factors in that elimination process, like skill level, fit, medical evaluations and much more.

"Part of our process is, we're not afraid to eliminate some players," Caserio said. "That doesn't necessarily mean that we don't like them. But maybe it's where they're expected to be picked relative to the grade or value we have on him."

With 11 picks overall this year, Caserio and the Texans are in position to add layers of young talent to the roster. Houston owns the third and 13th overall selections, as well as a second-rounder, and two picks each in the third and fourth rounds. With seven days to go until the start of the Draft, Caserio explained what's happening.

"Really what we're doing now, it's not so much the vertical stacking, as it is the horizontal," Caserio said. "So you're kind of looking at equivalent-valued players and their position relative to where you may have to acquire them. What we have to do is look at our team, look at the positioning of our board, work it horizontally, and then just make an assessment about 'Ok, if we pick here, realistically is this player a possibility?' If he's not a factor, then let's move on and let's go to the next slot."

The NFL Draft takes place in Las Vegas and starts Thursday evening at 7 p.m. CT. The Texans will host a free Draft Party for fans at Miller Outdoor Theatre that same night.

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