The Houston Texans are taking That Football Feeling to México

Today, the NFL announced a first-time opportunity for NFL teams to expand into international territories. As a bordering country, the Texans already have a huge fanbase in México and we are excited to take their incredible fandom to the next level. For more than 16 years, the Texans have hosted several outreach trips to México including players and cheerleader visits, youth football games and even playing a regular season game against the Oakland Raiders in 2016 at Azteca Stadium.

Follow us on our new Spanish language platforms focused on serving the passionate México fan base including:

Looking ahead to 2022, the team will continue to expand its local presence in México through:

  • Visits to Mexico with Players, Cheerleaders, Texans Legends and TORO for Events
  • Watch Parties
  • Opportunities to receive Texans Merchandise and Autographed Items
  • Unique Spanish Language Content

Cientos de fans viajaron a la Ciudad de México y se reunieron en el Ángel de la Independencia.

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