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The Titans are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel on the difference with the Texans now vs. when they played them in Week 11: "There's a few players that have changed. Obviously, the quarterback's changed. Burkhead, Rex has been getting the bulk of the carries. They rely heavily on the skillset of (WR Brandin) Cooks. The defense is fast, and they create a lot of turnovers. As we know, firsthand."

Titans OL Taylor Lewan on the Texans Defense: "They're a good football team, and they have a great defensive line. So we have a lot to handle here."

Vrabel on Texans WR Brandin Cooks: "He just has the ability. The skillset and the player always wins out, no matter who's throwing to him or what helmet he's wearing. He isn't a big player, but he's got speed. I think he's got really good play strength. He does a really good job of creating penalties down the field or catching those deep passes. It'll be critical that we try to do everything that we can to defend him."

Titans CB Kristian Fulton on Cooks: "He's really good. He's a big deep threat guy. You know they're going to try to get him the ball. He's the one that gets their offense going. So we feel like, as he goes, their offense goes."

Titans DL Jeffery Simmons on the Texans run game: "The Texans have been running the ball more, and they're believing in their running back. And apparently, their o-linemen, because their o-linemen are blocking guys."

Watch the Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans at NRG Stadium on January 9. Kickoff is at noon. Click here for tickets.

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