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Videos - September 2023

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2023-09-01 Receta del Mes presentado por H-E-B | Caldo de Pollo 🥣
2023-09-04 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'The first game is truly all about us'
2023-09-06 2023 Season Premiere Event Recap
2023-09-06 Stroud: 'Big fan of Lamar Jackson and I'm excited to line up against him'
2023-09-06 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'Our focus is fully on the Ravens'
2023-09-06 Straight products of the H | 2023 Hype Video
2023-09-07 El inicio del 2023 | Puntos Extra
2023-09-07 My Story, My Game | Tank Dell talks H-Town
2023-09-08 My Story, My Game | C.J. Stroud prepares for NFL debut
2023-09-08 Ready for the Ravens | Texans Extra Points 
2023-09-09 C.J. Stroud's journey to the NFL, plus Texans players get hyped for Baltimore | Texans 360
2023-09-10 DeMeco Ryans shares his expectations heading into Week 1 game vs. Ravens
2023-09-10 J.J. Watt makes NFL on CBS debut
2023-09-10 Highlights: Greenard sacks Lamar Jackson for Texans first sack of '23 season!
2023-09-10 Highlights: Steven Nelson intercepts Lamar Jackson's pass!
2023-09-10 Highlights: C.J. Stroud catches his own first career pass in NFL
2023-09-10 Highlights: Stroud delivers strike to Woods on third-and-short
2023-09-10 Highlights: Fairbairn hits 35-yard field goal to put Texans on the board against Ravens
2023-09-10 Highlights: Will Anderson Jr. gets to Lamar Jackson for first career sack
2023-09-10 Highlights: Stewart recovers Lamar Jackson's fumble
2023-09-10 Highlights: Best C.J. Stroud plays from season opener at Ravens 
2023-09-10 Full Game Highlights: Texans at Ravens | Week 1
2023-09-10 Stroud: 'Got to keep growing from here and keep getting better'
2023-09-10 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We can't help a good team win'
2023-09-11 Inside The Game postgame show: Texans at Ravens | Week 1
2023-09-11 Perryman: 'We went out there and fought'
2023-09-11 Woods: 'Hopeful that me and C.J. can keep our connection going'
2023-09-11 Anderson Jr.: 'We want to be great and we want to win'
2023-09-11 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We did good things up front but there's a lot to build off of'
2023-09-13 BMW Telestrator: Steven Nelson interception
2023-09-13 Stroud: 'Creating a successful offense takes patience'
2023-09-13 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We had our hands full last week and we will have the same task this week'
2023-09-14 BMW Telestrator: Robert Woods big 3rd down route
2023-09-14 Antes de los Colts | Puntos Extra
2023-09-14 DeepSlant: Jonathan Greenard | 2023 Week 2
2023-09-16 DeMeco Ryans home opener, exclusive 1-on-1 with Jonathan Greenard & uniform updates | Texans 360
2023-09-16 DeMeco Ryans on first home game, exclusive 1-on-1s with DE Jonathan Greenard, team nutritionist Ladd Harris, uniform updates | Texans 360
2023-09-16 Corral the Colts | Texans Extra Points
2023-09-17 Sneak Peek: In-stadium hype video
2023-09-17 Highlights: Stroud delivers to Collins for 28-yard gain
2023-09-17 Highlights: Stroud's first NFL touchdown goes to Nico Collins
2023-09-17 Highlights: Stroud delivers a missile for 24-yard gain to Nico Collins
2023-09-17 Highlights: Woods goes airborne for 19-yard laser pass from Stroud
2023-09-17 BMW Telestrator: Denzel Perryman in Week 2 
2023-09-17 Highlights: Stroud connects with Collins again for 25-yard gain
2023-09-17 Highlights: Tank Dell catches his first NFL touchdown!
2023-09-17 Highlights: Collins' best plays from 146-yard game vs. Colts | Week 2
2023-09-17 Highlights: Stroud's best plays from 384-yard game vs. Colts | Week 2
2023-09-17 Análisis del partido contra los Colts | Puntos Extra
2023-09-17 BMW Telestrator: Stroud and Dell connect on first NFL touchdown
2023-09-18 Woods: 'This offense could do a lot'
2023-09-18 Nelson: 'We have to get those key stops on third down'
2023-09-18 Dell: 'We're all trying to get that connection down'
2023-09-18 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'It starts with our communication'
2023-09-20 DeepSlant: Nico Collins
2023-09-20 Stroud: 'I'm excited for this challenge'
2023-09-20 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We just have to be consistent in our approach'
2023-09-21 Texans Huddle: Jonathan Greenard
2023-09-22 Prueba en Jacksonville | Puntos Extra
2023-09-22 AFC South Showdown in Jacksonville | Texans Extra Points
2023-09-24 Wide receiver bonanza: Tank Dell's NFL journey plus Nico Collins goes 1-on-1 | Texans 360
2023-09-24 Highlights: Collins slips tackles for 29-yard catch
2023-09-24 Can't Miss Play: Stroud finds Dell for 46-yard gain!
2023-09-24 Highlights: Dameon Pierce rushes for a 1-yard touchdown 
2023-09-24 Highlights: Will Anderson Jr. blocks Jaguars field goal
2023-09-24 Highlights: Stroud pinpoints Brevin Jordan for 4-yard touchdown
2023-09-24 Highlights: Cashman intercepts Trevor Lawrence's pass
2023-09-24 Can't-Miss Play: Andrew Beck scores a touchdown on 85-yard kick return!
2023-09-24 Highlights: Dell turns on the jets for 68-yard touchdown!
2023-09-24 Full Game Highlights: Texans at Jaguars | Week 3
2023-09-24 Highlights: Every Tank Dell catch from 145-yard game against Jaguars
2023-09-24 Highlights: Stroud's best plays from 294-yard game against Jacksonville
2023-09-24 DeMeco Ryans locker room speech after first NFL victory against Jacksonville Jaguars
2023-09-24 Stroud: 'It was a really great team win'
2023-09-24 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'This first win is special'
2023-09-25 Cashman: 'I felt the urge to make an impact'
2023-09-25 Ward: 'I feel like we are headed in the right direction'
2023-09-25 Dell: 'When we can pass the ball and run at the same time, it's special'
2023-09-25 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'I want our guys to see what it takes to win'
2023-09-26 Peter Schrager awards Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans as Coach of the Week
2023-09-26 First win as head coach | The Coach's Show
2023-09-27 Stroud: 'I take pride in not putting the defense in bad positions'
2023-09-27 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'It's fun to watch these guys because of what they bring'
2023-09-27 DeepSlant: Tank Dell on his hot NFL start, C.J. Stroud and life outside of football 
2023-09-30 Best Moments from Jacksonville, DeMeco Ryans, and Tank Dell | Texans 360
2023-09-30 2023 Houston Texans Senior Showcase