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Draft leanings, QB additions, Brevin Jordan | Dear Drew

Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE!

Cesar Varela: Dear Drew, I know the Texans need help on both sides of the ball. If you had to pick, who would you take at #3 and #13 today?
DD: Houston's in an excellent spot with those two picks. There will be bonafide difference-makers available then. My pal John Harris has Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton as the best player in this year’s NFL Draft, and if the Jaguars and Lions were to pass on him, I'd be happy if the Texans pounced. But, there are about six or seven others who could go there that I'd be just fine with.

At 13, the picture is a little cloudier. The Texans are still in a prime position to add talent. If they were to go with Hamilton there at third overall, I could see a playmaking receiver or some help in the defensive front seven being a good option.

Complicating the forecast in a positive way, though, is General Manager Nick Caserio's willingness to deal one or both of those picks. He’s on record as saying the Texans would entertain trading back in the draft for more picks.

John: Dear Drew, Will we sign another veteran quarterback?
DD: Kyle Allen signed a deal with the club a few days ago, and he's entering his fourth NFL season. He and Davis Mills are currently the only two quarterbacks under contract, so yes, I could see another veteran joining the mix.

Mr. Robot: Dear Drew, Are they going defense-heavy in this Draft?
DD: Well Mr. Robot, with 11 total picks in this year’s Draft, I believe you'll see the Texans spend a good chunk of those on defense. I expect Caserio will make some trades between now and the end of the Draft, so that number could rise or fall some. I don't think every pick will be on a defender, but it sure wouldn't surprise me if more than half are devoted to that side of the ball.

Caleb Reid: Dear Drew, Is there an urgency to pick a running back talent in this draft?
DD: We'll see, Caleb. But with 11 picks, and with what looks like a very deep draft for running backs, I would be mildly surprised if Houston doesn't wind up with one. John Harris and I actually talked about this earlier in the week on our ‘In the Lab’ podcast. From rounds two through the end of the Draft, there are a slew of attractive options at the position.

Nathan B.: Dear Drew, Yo wassup man
DD: Wassup, Nathan?

Commissioner Fox: Dear Drew, Will there be radio shows this year we can attend?
DD: We don't know that, yet. We're still in the planning stages. We hope so, though.

Louis: Dear Drew, Is Brevin Jordan poised for an increased role in the offense? Would love to see more of him.
DD: That's his goal, and I'm pretty sure the team would like to see it happen as well. He sat out the first half of the year in 2021, but came on and made contributions in November and December. With a year of seasoning and a strong offseason, there's certainly a chance we could see some impressive development from Jordan.

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