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Game Recap: Fairbairn kicks game-winning field goal, Texans win in OT


The Houston Texans knocked off the Tennessee Titans in an overtime thriller Sunday afternoon. Ka'imi Fairbairn drove a long kick through the uprights for the win after Case Keenum and Devin Singletary combined to put the Texans in field goal range.

The Texans opened the final quarter of play on the road in Tennessee trailing 13-9 and starting with the ball inside their own five-yard-line. Singletary started the drive to get off their own goaline with an 11-yard run to give them running room. Singletary followed with three-straight runs to get it up to the 21 to set up a 3rd-and-3.

On the next play, Keenum was sacked by Autry to drop him for a 10-yard loss, which forced Houston to punt. The Titans returned the ball to the Houston 46, where Kinsey was met with a hard tackle by Henry To'oTo'o.

The Titans after taking over in Texans territory, Henry busted across the 45 down to the 43. Levis connected with Hopkins on the next play to pick up 18 yards down to the 26. After a six-yard pass to Burks, and then five-yard run by Henry, the Titans pushed into the redzone at the 15. A short run by Henry brought up a 2nd-and-9, which Greenard got to Levis for another sack and knocked the ball out, which rolled backwards and out of bounds at the 33. Following a six-yard run by Spears, the Titans brought out Folk, who nailed a 45-yard field goal to extend the lead for the Titans to 16-9 with 7:28 left in the game.

The Texans started their ensuing drive at their own 21. After an incomplete pass over the middle, Keenum hit Schultz for a 19-yard pick-up to the 40. Singletary ran the ball up to the 43, then Keenum and Schultz connected for another eight yards and into Titans territory. After Avery was called for defensive pass interference, the Texans moved up to the 18 and into the redzone. On 2nd-and-10, Keenum hit Schultz, who made an incredible catch for a 15-yard gain down to the three. After a short run by Keenum down to the one, on 2nd-and-Goal Singletary was bottled up for no gain at the line of scrimmage. On 3rd-and-Goal, Keenum bought time and eventually hit Brown for the Texans first touchdown of the game. With the extra point, the Texans completed the comeback to tie the game at 16-16 with 3:03 left in the game.

The Titans took over at their own 25. After a short run by Burks and incomplete pass by Levis, on 3rd-and-8, Levis hit Moore for a 12-yard gain. This was the final play before the two minute warning.

After an incomplete pass, the Titans faced a 3rd-and-8 and Levis had a pass meant for Hopkins broken up. The Texans forced a punt and took over on their own 21.

With 1:45 remaining, Singletary busted loose for a 19-yard run up to the 40. After an incomplete pass and a false start, it pushed the Texans back to their own 35. With 1:06 left, another incomplete pass, which was nearly intercepted, by Keenum set up a crucial 3rd-and-15. An overthrow by Keenum, with the pass intended for Brown, set up a punting situation.

The punt pinned the Titans back on their own 29 with 45 seconds left. On 1st-and-10, Levis aired it out and the pass was broken up by Pitre. On the next play, Collins dropped Levis for a loss of seven for his second sack of the day. On 3rd-and-17, Spears went up the middle for eight yards to get the ball up to the 30 and set up a 4th-and-9. The Texans defense forced another punt with 27 seconds remaining and one timeout.

On the first play, with 15 seconds remaining, Keenum hit Woods for a gain of 15 up to the 45. The Texans burned their final timeout with nine seconds remaining. After a timeout by the Titans, Keenum's attempt for Woods fell incomplete, leaving just four seconds on the clock. The Titans took another timeout. Davis Mills came into the game at quarterback for the final play of regulation and was dropped for a sack, which forced overtime.

The Texans and Titans went to overtime tied 16-16.

The Titans won the coin toss at the beginning of overtime and elected to receive the ball with the game tied at 16-16.

From their 25, Levis was dropped for a sack by Greenard, which was the Texans defense fifth of the game and the second and a half for Greenard. Facing a 2nd-and-12, Spears gained two yards before Levis hit Moore for a 23-yard-gain up to the Titans 48. Moore made the pulled the ball away from King, who had a shot at picking it off. On 1st-and-10, Collins got into the backfield and dropped Henry for a loss of three. The Texans defensive line got to Levis again for the sixth sack of the game as Derek Barnnett got his first sack of they ame and dropped him for a loss fo seven. On 3rd-and-20, Levis aired it out for Hopkins and Nelson broke up the play. The Tians were forced to punt.

Because the Texans defense held, the offense just needed a field goal to win the game. After the punt, Houston started at its own 27. On the first play, Keenum was sacked for an eight yard loss by Davidson, setting up 2nd-and-18 back to the 19. Keenum hit Singletary on a screen pass and was dropped for a loss of three back to the 16. Facing a 3rd-and-21, Keenum was sacked again for a 10-yard loss back to their own six-yard-line. The Texans were forced to punt with 4:24 left in overtime. On the punt, the Titans were called for holding and took over at their own 37.

On the first play, Levis went up the middle for a gain of nine to the 46. After a short run by Spears, it set up a new set of downs at the 47. After an incomplete pass intended for Hopkins, Spears went up the middle for a pickup of two to set up a 3rd-and-8 and was the final play before the two minute warning. On 3rd-and-8, Levis was dropped for his seventh sack of the day, this time by Desmond King II. Levis was injured on the play, which set up 4th-and-14 and forced the Titans to punt.

The Texans took over on their own 20 with 1:43 remaining in overtime. On the first play, Keenum stepped back and rolled out and hit Singletary in stride and he was pushed out of bounds at the Titans 39 yard line for a gain of 41 yards. On the next play, Singletary ran up the middle for a gain of five yards up to the 39. On the next play, Singletary got loose and rumbled into the endzone but holding was called against the Texans and wiped out the score. The Texans with 42 seconds left would be placed back at the 35. After a short run by Singletary and the clock running down, the Texns ran the clock down to two seconds and called a timeout. Fairbairn came out for a 54-yard attempt, which he nailed for his fourth field goal of the game.

With the kick, the Texans claimed the 19-16 victory and moved to 8-6 on the year. Next week, Houston returns home to face the Browns at NRG Stadium.

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