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Let's Rock! Playoff time begins now for the Houston Texans

The Texans got back into Houston Sunday morning just a couple of hours before many were gearing up for their morning coffee. Sleep was

But that's probably true for most of the fanbase after the Saturday night thriller that earned the Texans their first playoff berth since 2019. This set up a Sunday that would have us pulling for the Titans to beat the Jags and get Houston its 7 th AFC South title.

In a season filled with dramatic wins, including Houston beating Tennessee in Nashville while the home team wore Oilers uniforms, the Titans put on their dark (Deep Steel?) blue unis and downed the Jaguars. Watching former Texans like DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Moore, Garret Wallow and Ross Blacklock, to name a few, make plays made for an intriguing three hours. Not to mention that the Titans' head coach, both coordinators and so many staffers are former Texans employees.

What a day!

So here go!

The Texans are not only back in the playoffs but they can hang another AFC South Championship banner.

Back in training camp I joked that I might lobby for a banner if the Texans could just make the 'In the hunt' category in the December TV
playoff graphics. Almost a year ago, DeMeco Ryans was hired as head coach. He and Nick Caserio went to work to acquire a great mix of free agents at every position group. Then, draft weekend was a nuclear blast of excitement with the acquisition of C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson in the first round.

The vibe was there. Would the results match?

There's no question that this is already an unforgettable ride. The adrenaline and excitement are at a level we haven't seen in over a decade, maybe ever.

H-Town is on fire for the Texans. The way it should be. Ryans said in his post-game locker room speech "It starts over now."

He's right. It's a new season already. Playoff time in Houston.

Let's Rock!

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