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Training Camp Day 7: Notes and Quotes

“I feel like we’ve got one of the best offenses in this league with the talent we have outside, quarterback, running backs, tight ends as well, so when all of us are clicking and we’re able to not make mistakes, I feel like nobody can stop us.” Keke Coutee

The Houston Texans held their first 2019 training camp practice open to the fans on Thursday. Players were in full pads for a second consecutive day.

"When they came in this morning, we talked about this being the first public practice and how much it means to our fans to have us out here in front of them," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "It was exciting to have the fans out here."

After a somewhat sluggish start, O'Brien said the pace of practice picked up and players fought through the heat.

Rookie offensive lineman Titus Howard did not suit up but is expected to return on Saturday.

The team practiced situational drills in 11-on-11 towards the end of practice. O'Brien incorporates a variety of two-minute situations each day, whether it is end of the half or end of the game.

"So many different things come up, like yesterday we did it and the 10-second runoff rule came up relative to the review of a score at the end of a game," O'Brien said. "So, we were able to talk about that in the team meeting today. So many things come up, it's great work."

Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins during situational drills. Cheering fans near the endzone were rewarded with Hopkins tossing the football to them.

In addition to fans, friends and family of players, coaches and personnel were at practice as were a few special guests.

Former Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy was at practice discussing his work with Pro-Vision, a Houston charter school that recently won $10,000 for a #TexansCare grant.

Linebacker Peter Kalambayi wore the number 34 in high school and college for his favorite player.

Keke Coutee's goal is to be available for all 16 games this season. The second-year receiver said he has worked on strengthening the imbalances in his body to prevent injury.

Quarterback AJ McCarron loves being in Texas.

"It's been awesome," McCarron said. "I absolutely love it here. I love Texas. I've had family – been coming here since I was little – in Deer Park and I love this organization. It's first class, everything about it is first class. I just feel really comfortable."

While he was speaking with the media, McCarron's young son sprayed him with a water gun, catching a few reporters in the crossfire.

A huge water gun fight took place immediately after practice between teens from the Boys and Girls Club and Texans linebackers.

"It's hot, it's Houston," McKinney said. "You know it's going to be hot. We're just practicing and taking one play at a time, one day at a time, and just have fun doing it."

After a players' day off on Friday, Texans training camp practice will resume Saturday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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