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1-on-1 with DL Ogbo Okoronkwo | Drew's Dozen

  1. 1) DD: You went to Alief Taylor, and signed this offseason with the Texans in free agency. How cool has it been returning to the place you grew up?
    OO: Man, it's a surreal feeling, just being able to be here. To see all the people I grew up with, it's been real cool.
  2. DD: What's the first place you HAD to go back to, whether it was a restaurant or a hangout or something, when you moved back home?
    OO: I went to my high school. I went to Alief Taylor, checked out my old stomping grounds. It was cool.
  3. DD: What was the reception like?
    OO: They were definitely happy to see me.
  4. DD: After you left high school, you played at Oklahoma in college and spent three years with the Rams. Now that you're an adult, how much different is the city now?
    OO: Well, I didn't have a driver's license back in high school, so I wasn't driving anywhere. I didn't know how big the city was. It's so big. And at the same time it's so small because everybody knows each other. But it's been really cool just to be back. Being an adult in the city is a little different than being a teenager in the city. Just being able to go to different restaurants, seeing how much the infrastructure has changed, it's been cool.
  5. DD: What's been your favorite spot you've discovered since you got back?
    OO: Dish Society is so good. I eat there like three times a week. Oh, and Joey's. I go to Joey's, too. Those are two of my spots that I frequent a lot.
  6. DD: For the rest of your life when you walk into a room, what entrance song would you want people to play?
    OO: Ooh, that's a question. 'Return of the Mac'. I love that.
  7. DD: Do you ever mess around with RB Marlon Mack and sing that with him?
    OO: I could. He's a cool guy. I'm sure he's hip to that. It's just a timeless song.
  8. DD: What's the last meal you cooked?
    OO: Air fryer salmon. I used some lemon pepper. I put a lemon on there. I don't know if that did anything for the taste, but it looked cool.
  9. DD: What's your go-to dish that you cook?
    OO: I make a nice little cilantro-lime rice with with some garlic shrimp. I add some asparagus, some potatoes. That's that's my go-to.
  10. DD: What's the last gift you gave somebody?
    OO: It's one of my best friend's birthdays today. It's in my locker right now. I was going to drop it off to him. I bought him a lens for his camera.
  11. DD: You're a hell of a photographer, yourself. You and I met each other backstage at the NFL Draft this April in Las Vegas. How cool was that shoot you did?
    OO: That was so fun. Being able to shoot those guys and talk to them about the process and the experience of being at the draft, it was really cool.
  12. DD: You just won a Super Bowl tile with the Rams. What was the ring ceremony like last month?
    OO: The ring ceremony was just so amazing. Being able to just celebrate with your coaches, the guys you go out with, That's an opportunity a lot of guys won't get to have.

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