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1-on-1 with FB Andy Janovich | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: How true is the joke "The 'N' on the Nebraska Cornhuskers helmet stands for knowledge"?
    AJ: That joke never gets old, huh? Everybody in the world tells me that joke. It does not stand for knowledge. It does not.
  2. DD: What's going on in that pic on your Instagram with you chopping wood?
    AJ: That would be offseason workouts. Every Friday after I do my workouts and conditioning, I do that for about a half hour or 45 minutes and just finish the week off right.
  3. DD: What does it do for you?
    AJ: It tires the crap out of me. It's brutal. It's like swinging a sledgehammer into concrete all day. Not fun.
  4. DD: Babe Ruth used to do that in his offseasons. In the snow. You're in pretty good company, aren't you?
    AJ: I like it. Babe Ruth. He's a pretty well-known guy.
  5. DD: Let's rank these five named Andy: You, Andy from Toy Story, tennis star Andy Roddick, Andy Bernard from The Office, and Andy Griffith. How's that shake out?
    AJ: I'm not a big fan of the 'Nard Dog. But that's a good list. I'll take fourth. Bernard, last. Toy Story Andy is number one. Griffith is two. It's a good, solid ranking.
  6. DD: If you had an entrance song, when you walk into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you want?
    AJ: Stone Cold Steve Austin's.
  7. DD: Who's your favorite NFL fullback, who's retired?
    AJ: (Former 49ers fullback) Tom Rathman.
  8. DD: How come?
    AJ: He's from Nebraska like me, and he's maybe one of the best ever do it. Him and (Former Buccaneer fullback) Mike Alstott.
  9. DD: You ever had a chance to talk with him?
    AJ: I've met him a few times. When he was working for the 49ers and another time when he was with the Colts.
  10. DD: Do you fullbacks have a sort of fraternity in the NFL?
    AJ: I think so, yeah. There's only a handful of us, so we might as well hang out and talk.
  11. DD: Do you cook much?
    AJ: I grill.
  12. DD: What do you grill?
    AJ: Steak.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What cut and how well/how rare do you grill it?
AJ: Ribeye. I'm a big charcoal guy. I think it gives it more flavor. About 4 minutes per side on a ribeye. Rare, to medium rare.

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