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1-on-1 with LB Garret Wallow | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: You went to TCU, and the mascot there is the Horned Frog. What sound does a Horned Frog make?
    GW: That's a good question. I really don't know. I just know that a Horned Frog's eyes bleed red when it's mad.
  2. DD: You still have a lot of purple in your in your wardrobe?
    GW: Most of my purple clothing from TCU... I gave away to my girl and her family just because I had so much of it. They still rock it to this day. It was always fun to have some TCU gear, but I do have what they send me every year. I love purple.
  3. DD: Please complete this sentence for me: The thing I've loved the most about H-Town is...
    GW: The culture. Because I'm a down south boy. So just being down south and having that culture, that good food, that good music and those good family vibes... I think that's really what attracted me most.
  4. DD: The thing I've learned the most about H-Town is...
    GW: You better wake up early. Wherever you have to go, the traffic is bad. That's the thing I learned the most.
  5. DD: When you're in your car and you're driving around, what are you listening to?
    GW: R&B, a bunch of slow jams. I play some Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Erykah Badu, some Anita Baker. I listen to a little bit of everything that slows me down. It takes me away from football a little bit.
  6. DD: You always been into that?
    GW: When I got with my fiancee, she put me on a lot of music early on in our relationship. I've been on it for about six years now.
  7. DD: You ever played any instruments in your life?
    GW: I have not. I tried to play the drums. I was always interested in the drums. I love drum line. Growing up, I used to watch Nick Cannon. In class, I used to beat my pens against my desk and try to make a beat that he did.
  8. DD: What's the last movie you watched?
    GW: 'Nope'. The new Jordan Peele movie. That's a movie we could talk about for a couple of days. I feel like there's a lot of deep meaning to it.
  9. DD: Tell me about your nicknames. What are they?
    GW: Growing up, my nickname was Buddha because I was really, really chunky. It took until high school for people to stop calling me Buddha. In college, one of my best friends named me Boogie, because I used to dance a lot.
  10. DD: When you when you score a touchdown are you going to dance?
    GW: Yeah, I would dance.
  11. DD: Do you have a dance planned?
    GW: Oh, trust me, I'm going to dance. Because if I get in that end zone, I'm dancing.
  12. DD: Let's do it a few times, cool?
    GW: Yeah, let's do it a few times. I do agree with that.

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