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Houston Texans

1-on-1 with RB Dare Ogunbowale | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: For the rest of your life, whenever you walk into a room, an entrance song will play. Which song would you choose for that intro?
    DO: I have some recency bias, and I'm gonna go with "Last Last" by Burna Boy. It's just a good vibe. Everybody will join in with me.
  2. DD: So it doesn't necessarily describe you, but gets things going?
    DO: It gets the vibe going. It's going to be a nice little intro for me.
  3. DD: What's the last gift you gave someone?
    DO: For her birthday, we got a nice surprise birthday party for her. A bunch of her friends came to town, so it wasn't really a gift, I guess. But the party was. It was a big deal and she had a good time.
  4. DD: How surprised was she?
    DO: I mean, she helped plan it, but I think she was surprised by who came. Our family is all from Milwaukee, and the party was in Texas, and a lot of people came down from Milwaukee for her.
  5. DD: This is your second go-round with the Texans. What is the biggest difference in your eyes now, versus when you started here in 2017?
    DO: My rookie year, I didn't know what to expect. Now in Year Six, I got my feet wet, a lot more experience, and a lot more comfort picking up playbooks and picking up things like that.
  6. DD: How are things different with this team?
    DO: Except John Weeks. That's my guy. I remember him from the first time I was here and we bonded a lot back in '17. So it was good to see him again.
  7. DD: Did you know he was studying to be a firefighter/EMT when the Texans signed him in 2010?
    DO: No, I didn't know that.
  8. DD: You played soccer in high school. Who's your all-time favorite soccer player?
    DO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He's just got good vibes, great personality. He's a dog on the field.
  9. DD: Have you ever seen anyone with a bigger personality or encounter anyone with a bigger personality than that guy?
    DO: No, I would like to say so. I've never met him, obviously, but just watching him and seeing the way he interacts with the media, with people, he's a character for sure.
  10. DD: Who's the most famous non-NFL person you've ever met?
    DO: My sister (Arike Ogunbowale). WNBA superstar. Scoring title champ. 2-time all star. Gatorade Player of the Year, three times. National champs. I'm gonna always say my sister.
  11. DD: You played a lot growing up, but when's the last time you squared off with her?
    DO: I retired from playing against her. I've lost too many times in a row for me to keep doing it. So those times are done now.
  12. DD: If you had a time machine, would you go into the future or the past?
    DO: The future. I'll go into the future. I'm gonna jump to like 3000 just to see how he rocking out there. I'll jump ahead about a thousand years and see how it is.

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