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1-on-1 with RB Marlon Mack | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Rank the Macks (or Macs): Marlon Mack, Big Mac, Mattress Mac, Mack Trucks and 'Return of the Mack' by Mark Morrison.
    MM: Mack Trucks, Big Macs, Mattress Mac Mac. Return of the Mack and I guess me last.
  2. DD: You're pretty humble, eh?
    MM: Oh yeah.
  3. DD: How important is humility?
    MM: It's very important, because you never know who else is out there. You just got to stay humble.
  4. DD: Are you aware that 'Return of the Mack' always comes up whenever your name is tweeted about these days? 
    MM: For sure. Always. It's definitely good to see on Twitter.
  5. DD: How long have you known about that song?
    MM: It's been a minute. I've heard it since I was little. That's the first song people go to. It's a great song. I love it. Everybody else loves it.
  6. DD: Since you got here in the spring, I've tweeted about you a few times. It's like a warning signal goes out because the fantasy football community, POUNCES on it and references 'Return of the Mack'. Do you enjoy that?
    MM: Definitely, man. Fantasy football people, they have their ups and downs. But you got to take them in because they're great fans, man. They support you when you're good, but you always got to show love to them.
  7. DD: What would your career be if you weren't in the NFL?
    MM: I don't know. I'd probably be doing a bunch of things like playing the game with my kids, coaching.
  8. DD: You'd be around the game no matter what?
    MM: I think so. I'll definitely be around the game. Just love it so much.
  9. DD: What's a talent you have that surprises people?
    MM: I don't know. But hopefully I'm gonna get my cooking skills better. So that could be one of my talents.
  10. DD: What's the last thing you cooked?
    MM: Some Pasta Alfredo.
  11. DD: What's are a couple of vegetables you could do without?
    MM: Cauliflower. And I'm not a big fan of Brussels sprouts. Can't do it.
  12. DD: What's in your perfect fruit salad?
    MM: We got apples, grapes, watermelon, pineapple every now and then. Oranges. I think that'd be pretty good.

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