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1-on-1 with WR Phillip Dorsett | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: How much pool do you play?
    PD: I used to play all the time. I had a pool table when I was in Foxboro and Indy. My wife bought me a pool table and I had it in the basement. But I grew up playing pool at the Boys and Girls Club and I got really good at it there.
  2. DD: Are you a 9-ball guy?
    PD: Not really. But I can play. I can do it all. I can do trick shots, too.
  3. DD: What's the best trick shot you can do?
    PD: I'm good at jumping the ball over stuff. I'm really good at bank shots, actually. I just love playing pool.
  4. DD: Have you ever seen the movie 'The Color of Money', with Tom Cruise? It's a pool movie.
    PD: I haven't seen it, but I got to watch it. I'm probably going to go watch that tonight.
  5. DD: You're also very fast. You've got a track and field background. You still like track and field?
    PD: I love it. I watched every day of the World Championships. Obviously, I'm a big fan of the sprints, hurdles, jumps. I even like the distances. But I can't go anything over over 800 meters. That's probably one of the worst races. My dad used to make me run the 800 for punishment.
  6. DD: You ran track and field at the University of Miami. How much did you enjoy that?
    PD: I loved it. Track for me in college was kind of a way to just get away from football a little bit. It was more of a fun thing. I got to run the 60. That's it. It was fun and I fell in love with track all over again in college.
  7. DD: Everybody in the NFL's fast, but when I talk to the faster guys that are on the Texans, I always do this question: What three other Texans would be on the 4 X 100 meter relay team with you?
    PD: Obviously, Brandin Cooks is on it. I'm gonna throw Chris Conley on there. A lot of people forget, but he's a 4.3 guy. And Jonathan Owens.
  8. DD: What's the story with your 'Girl Dad' baseball cap?
    PD: My daughter was born on July 16. She's just been the biggest blessing for me. You look at like life different when you have a child
  9. DD: Have you found yourself singing any songs to her?
    PD: All the time. I'm a big 90's R&B guy. I'm a big, big fan of all the groups back in the day.
  10. DD: What's the last gift you gave someone?
    PD: My wife wanted a Peloton for the post-pregnancy. I got that the other day.
  11. DD: What's the cooler process: a bear hibernating or a caterpillar becoming a butterfly?
    PD: The bear hibernation. That's crazy to me.
  12. DD: Do you think you're kind of prejudiced right now because you're a new father, and the sleep is not the best it could be?
    PD: Yeah, I would say I am.

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