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12 Questions with Cornerbacks Coach Dino Vasso | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: What have been, and what are, your nicknames?
    DV: I'm named after Dean Martin, so most people just call me Dean. My mom kind of flipped the names. My first name is Martin and my middle name is Dino.
  2. DD: So you heard a lot of his music in the house growing up, I take it?
    DV: Him and Prince. A lot of Prince as well.
  3. DD: What's your favorite Prince song?
    DV: 'Purple Rain'.
  4. DD: Who are your four or five favorite artists?
    DV: Jay-Z is number one. Then Tupac and Biggie. I'm going to go East Coast, so Jadakiss, a kind of underground rapper. And then another guy from his group, Styles P from the Lox.
  5. DD: If you had to have an entrance song for when you walk into a room the rest of your life, what would you choose?
    DV: T.I.'s 'Bring Em Out'.
  6. DD: That's a good one. It's on my Spotify workout playlist. What's the go-to dish you cook?
    DV: Spaghetti Bolognese.
  7. DD: What makes it unique?
    DV: The seasoning. I had to get the seasoning right for my wife. She's big on salty food seasoning, so I had to get that right. A little bit of garlic, but not too much garlic.
  8. DD: Does she do most of the cooking in your house?
    DV: Absolutely.
  9. DD: What's your favorite dish of hers?
    DV: Baked ziti or lasagna. She didn't really cook that before she met me.
  10. DD: When you go back to Philadelphia, what food do you HAVE to eat?
    DV: Wiz wit. That's cheesesteak topped with Cheez Whiz with onions.
  11. DD: What's the greatest movie with Philadelphia involved?
    DV: The easy answer would be 'Rocky'. But particularly 'Rocky IV'.
  12. DD: Since your name is Dino, what is the most overrated dinosaur of all?
    DV: Ooh, T-Rex. I'm a velociraptor guy.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL cornerback of all time?
DV: Asante Samuel. He was slight in size like me. He could find the ball, which is something I value right now. He had a lot of ball production and I grew up in Philadelphia.

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