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12 questions with DL DeMarcus Walker | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: I've heard you're a good cook. How good?
Walker: I'm a pretty good cook. The last thing I made was garlic breaded chicken. I'll do something for Thanksgiving. Normally I have guys come over and everything.

2) DD: What are you cooking next?
Walker: I actually bought some groceries and I'm making jerk paste tonight. For jerk chicken, jerk pork or whatever. I make my paste from scratch. Got my peppers, fresh thyme, fresh garlic, cloves, fresh scallion.

3) DD: What's your go-to dish?
Walker: Oxtails. Everybody who's had them loves them. I underrate my own oxtail. Everybody says my oxtail is the best.

4) DD: What's the first concert you attended, and the best one you attended?
Walker: I've never been to a concert.

5) DD: What's your favorite exercise in the weight room?
Walker: Bench press.

6) DD: Which exercise do you hate?
Walker: I hate squats.

7) DD: What's your best Halloween costume ever?
Walker: Probably The Joker.

8) DD: Like the Heath Ledger 'Joker'?
Walker: No, he has a question mark. From the old school TV show Batman. Yeah, I go old school.

9) DD: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
Walker: I want to be a cowboy.

10) DD: What's the best Halloween candy?
Walker: Laffy Taffy. I don't know if they sell them anymore, but Sweet Tart had their own Laffy Taffy for a little while. They were so good. I like Swedish fish. Starburst, Skittles, Gummy bears. I love chewy candy.

11) DD: What's the Halloween candy you hate getting?
Walker: I hate sour. It's not my thing at all.

12) DD: You were born on September 30th. Also born on that date: the rapper T-Pain, tennis great Martina Hingis, Pacman Jones, and the singer Johnny Mathis. Throw yourself in there, and rank the Top 5 born on September 30th.
Walker: Pac's number one. That was my teammate in 2018, and we actually used to hang out. Then when we found out our birthday was on the same day. I remember after the game just going to hang out with him. I got some Pacman stories. Number two is T-Pain. Number three, I'll go with the tennis player. Number four, I'll go with Johnny Mathis.

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