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12 Questions with DL Jonathan Greenard | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: There's an awesome video of you and DB Desmond King II hopping during training camp. What was going on?
Greenard: We call ourselves the brothers, being in Omega Psi Phi fraternity incorporated, the greatest fraternity in the land. That's our way of celebrating. When we hear Atomic Dog come on, that's like, our anthem. Pretty much you play that anywhere. You might see a guy peep his head back and he gets to hopping.

2) DD: Does that kind of help out with your footwork as a defensive lineman?
Greenard: Hopping is definitely not easy. You have to understand you're still doing physical activity. Jumping around on one leg, spinning off another leg, hitting the split. These are things that, if you land the wrong way, it could be pretty dangerous.

3) DD: May 25 is your birthday. Did you also know it's National Tap Dance Day in the United States of America?
Greenard: I did not know that. That's crazy. I wanted to try it so bad. I think I still might actually try to pick it up one time. I used to get my dress shoes and go in there and try to see if that works.

4) DD: Also born on your birthday: actor Mike Myers, wrestler Roman Reigns, actor Cillian Murphy and creator of the Muppets, the departed Frank Oz. Which of those four would you like to meet?
Greenard: You left one out.

5) DD: Who?
Greenard: Brian Urlacher. When I got into football in elementary school, I saw a football book that had some of the top players in there. I saw Brian Urlacher, and I saw his birthday was the same as mine. I looked at that, and I said, 'Oh, OK, well, now we got something in common.'

6) DD: Out of those other four I brought up, which one would you most like to meet?
Greenard: If he was still here, Frank Oz, but I would definitely want to meet Roman Reigns. I'm a big WWE guy. Me and my brother grew up watching WWE all the time. We still watch it.

7) DD: Who's your favorite wrestler ever?
Greenard: Randy Orton.

8) DD: Do you talk wrestling at all with any of your teammates?
Greenard: Not much. I don't know how many people watch it.

9) DD: What's the first concert you ever saw, and what's the best concert you ever saw?
Greenard: First one, 21 Savage. I was in college, and it was fun, but I'm going to preface this now: I'm going to see H.E.R. tomorrow. She's actually coming to town. I believe, honestly, she's going to take the cake. She's a really good artist. Her music is amazing.

10) DD: Usually I ask what people are listening to, but you're a pretty darned good singer. So what are you singing these days?
Greenard: Chaka Khan. I like to sing. It's kind of my release.

11) DD: What's your favorite and least favorite exercise in the weight room?
Greenard: Bench is definitely my favorite. I didn't lift that much in high school, but when I was able to eclipse the 225 mark, I said, 'OK, I like bench.' My least favorite is anything with my abs, but I always get to it. I have love/hate relationship with ab workouts.

12) DD: What's the greatest invention ever?
Greenard: The light bulb.

(BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Greenard: Oh man. So me and my girl, we're actually about to get some costumes like Seventies, pretty much to have the old school disco, you know, afro. I'm doing the whole nine. I want to actually go all out for this Halloween, this time because I just I kind of put it on the side a little bit last year, you know? Just trying to get the feel for the league, you know, obviously with COVID and stuff that we can't really do too much. Obviously, we dress up a little bit with me and my girl and my dog, but other than that, I mean, I want to go all out with this one.

The Texans will travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts in Week 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium this Sunday.

The next time you can see the Texans at NRG Stadium will be on October 31 as they host the Los Angeles Rams in Week 8. Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets.

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