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12 Questions with DL Roy Lopez | Drew's Dozen

The following is a condensed version of a conversation between Lopez and Dougherty.

1) DD: I liked the sack dance. Can you please explain it?
Lopez: I started doing that at New Mexico State, I think, my junior year. Our family fell in love with it. The fans loved it out there. There's not a lot of Latino defensive lineman in the league. So it's something I take pride in, something I enjoy to do. My family, we laugh at it. We joke about it.

2) DD: You have some pretty vocal sisters, too, don't you?
Lopez: I do have two older sisters. They're my world, man, and the toughest people on me.

3) DD: How tough?
Lopez: If you ask them, they could probably say they could beat me up. But they grew up around football as much as I did. I'll call them after the games and they'll be like "You have got to be better your hands!" My older sister, Diana, she's got two kids. I got a niece and nephew. The nephew's a big boy., And my niece, she's probably the most athletic one in the family.

4) DD: So the big boy, he's getting coaching from his mother. He's getting coaching from you. He's getting coaching from your father, who's a high school coach. Is this going to be the most coached-up kid of all time?
Lopez: Yeah. He's kind of a rebel. So that's good.

5) DD: Please give us the breakdown of your sack.
Lopez: The play kind of just broke down. I try to do my part and push the pocket. As a defensive lineman it's your job to win the one-on-ones. So I just pushed the pocket it. Made an inside move. Made an outside move. It was great coverage on the back end. I give a lot of of thanks to the DB's.

6) DD: What we saw on Saturday night seems like it's been a continuation of what you've done throughout training camp. How have you adjusted?
Lopez: It's been fun. That's the biggest reason I've adjusted well: it's been fun. As a rookie defensive lineman, I try to learn as much as possible.

7) DD: Your father is a head coach in high school. You're playing for David Culley. What are the differences/similarities there?
Lopez: Oh, there's not too many differences. My dad's a jokester. Culley's a jokester, but at the same time, they're serious when they need to be, you know. He's created a family environment here for the team. And we've all ran with it.

8) DD: You wrestled in high school. So did defensive lineman Maliek Collins, and offensive linemen Justin Britt and Justin McRae. If the four of you wrestled, who would win?
Lopez: I got a humble side to me. A humble background. But with wrestling, that's a different question. I might run the run the team in wrestling room. Wrestling is one of those sports where you just got to know you're better than the person in front of you.

9) DD: Did you like the WWE growing up?
Lopez: I did. Growing up, yes. My family, they'll joke about it.

10) DD: Who's your favorite wrestler?
Lopez: I like The Rock. The Rock was a good one. I follow him on Instagram. Hey The Rock, if you see this, go follow back.

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