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12 Questions with OL Justin McCray | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's the most underrated food?
McCray: French fries, just because they always call it a "side". I feel like French fries could definitely be a main course, so I'll say French fries.

2) DD: You a guy that dresses French fries up?
McCray: I put cheese, bacon. You can put some chili on there sometimes, too.

3) DD: Maybe some sour cream?
McCray: Uh, yeah. A little sour cream.

4) DD: What's a movie you like, but you don't know anyone else likes?
McCray: I feel like a lot of older people would appreciate this movie, but "Rocky IV" is probably my favorite movie ever.

5) DD: Do you ever play that song ('Hearts on Fire' by John Cafferty) from the montage when you're lifting weights?
McCray: No, but when I work out my older brother always has a "Rocky" soundtrack going.

6) DD: What music do you work out to?
McCray: Whatever is good. I have a twin brother. He usually puts me on all my music. So whatever he thinks is pretty good, usually I'm going to find that I'll like it too. He sends me all my music.

7) DD: Are you identical twins or fraternal twins?
McCray: Identical twins. If Jordan came out here today, you wouldn't be able to tell us apart.

8) DD: How many times have you pulled the twin pranks?
McCray: We used to switch classes frequently in elementary school, until my mom found out. From fourth grade to twelfth grade, we had all the same classes. No more switching.

9) DD: How are you two different?
McCray: He is the biggest jokester I know. He's always playing jokes. I'm a little more serious, I would say, but he rubs off on me when we're together. So I could be a jokester when I'm around

10) DD: When he critiques this interview, what's he going to say?
McCray: He's going to say that I'm lying and that I'm the jokester.

11) DD: Why did you choose Houston? What was the opportunity like here for you?
McCray: I just thought it was a good opportunity to come build something great. A lot of new people coming in the building, a lot of opportunity to compete.

12) DD: You wrestled in high school. Did the wrestling start before that, though, with your twin brother?
McCray: Yeah, definitely. Probably since my older brother is five years older than us, we tried to wrestle with him a little bit, too. But we started wrestling actually in sixth grade. We didn't make the basketball team. Dad said we couldn't come home, so we found another sport.

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