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12 Questions with OL Scott Quessenberry | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Why is your Instagram handle "ScootsyQ"?
    SQ: My nickname when I was playing Pop Warner was Scooter. Then I just kind of rolled with it, and my last name starts with a Q. Then some guys started calling me that. So that was it.
  2. DD: How did you get the nickname 'Scooter'?
    SQ: I was camping and I scooted out of my sleeping bag.
  3. DD: Does anybody still call you that?
    SQ: Some Pop Warner coaches and some Pop Warner teammates.
  4. DD: Your brother David has been in the NFL since 2013, and your brother Paul is a fullback with the Texans right now. What do they call you?
    SQ: Scotty. Some of the other guys call me 'Quiz' and they call Paul 'PQ'.
  5. DD: When you were growing up what food or drink item did you three guys just demolish in the Quessenberry household?
    SQ: Milk. We would go through about four gallons of milk in two days.
  6. DD: What type of milk?
    SQ: 2%. I don't remember ever drinking whole milk.
  7. DD: What's your mom's signature dish that you loved the most?
    SQ: Her tacos, no doubt.
  8. DD: What's in them?
    SQ: Just ground beef. She fries the tortillas up. They're big flour tortillas, and they're just awesome.
  9. DD: How many would you eat?
    SQ: Oh, man, they're really big. So three is an accomplishment. Four is spectacular. Five is out of this world for sure.
  10. DD: You're walking into a room for the rest of your life. What song do you want them playing as your entrance song?
    SQ: 'Thunderstruck' by AC.
  11. DD: What's the last song you sang in your car?
    SQ: 'Southside of Heaven' by Ryan Bingham.
  12. DD: Who are some of your favorite artists right now?
    SQ: I really like Bingham. I like Tyler Childress. Luke Combs is always good. Eric Church is probably my favorite, though.

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