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12 Questions with WR Chris Conley | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You declared war on jean shorts a long time ago. Why?
Conley: Because I'm a Georgia Bulldog and we don't we don't mess with those. It's only the right thing to do. I consider myself a good guy, but some people beg to differ.

2) DD: For those that don't know... Why are jorts evil?
Conley: It's a Florida Gator thing. We don't really speak about the Florida Gators. We only think about them one week out of the year. They think about us 364 days before that game. It is what it is, and we'll see them again in the fall.

3) DD: If Chewbacca played football and you were the head coach, where would you play Chewbacca?
Conley: Tight end. Tight ends are some of the most versatile people on the field, especially large athletic guys who are aggressive. You see that with Travis Kelce, George Kittle. Chewbacca would be right in there with them.

4) DD: Would it also be wise to play him both ways? Maybe a defensive end, outside linebacker, perhaps?
Conley: Oh, yeah. Speed on the field is always a good thing to have people who can run sideline to sideline. I can see him out there, ripping people's arms off. We'd have to coach him out of that, but we can make it work.

5) DD: Who is the most overrated Star Wars character of all time?
Conley: Rey.

6) DD: How come?
Conley: She didn't struggle enough. She was kind of just given a mantle. I'd love to see more character development. To be fair, they just didn't write her character well. It's not a Daisy Ridley thing. It's more of just a lack of planning. She's a great actress. The actors and actresses are great. They just weren't given a lot to work with.

7) DD: I've seen part of the movie you made in college. What project's next up in the hopper for you, entertainment-wise?
Conley: I still shoot a project every offseason. This offseason I shot a little YouTube miniseries. Just at some local eateries around Houston, and that'll be coming out in a couple of weeks or so. But just whether it's storytelling through short films or films or doing some nonfiction stuff just out in the world and hosting things, I'm just continuing to flex creative muscles and see where it takes me.

8) DD: How much fun is that, getting to know a new town by find out more about it through its food and eateries?
Conley: It was great. There's a lot of great food and culture here. I love how the food and the culture are really mixed together. The restaurants that we went to are really a part of the areas of Houston that they are in. You can see that the community really supports them, and I really enjoyed that. We got to meet a lot of really cool people and talk to them about how they made it to this place and how they've all melted and meshed in Houston.

9) DD: You've been a lot of places in your life. You were born in Turkey, and you lived on Air Force bases all over the world. This is a pretty diverse place. It's not just talk, is it, in that regard?
Conley: Yeah, you can feel it. You can go to each of the different parts of the city and just meet new people who have transplanted here from God knows where. They all get along and they're Houstonians. I love that. Growing up around the country and being born in a different part of the world, you get really used to just being in new environments and meeting new people. I feel like it's the same thing here. There's a lot of people like me.

10) DD: What was your favorite place to grow up?
Conley: I really enjoyed California. California was just a different pace in life at that point. I was really into the arts. I didn't play sports. I was big into writing and and I was doing acting and music and things like that. It was just a good time for for really establishing that love for creative things.

11) DD: What's it been like the first few days at Texans Training Camp?
Conley: It's hot. It's hot. I've played in hot places before. This is a little different, but it's good. It really helps you build up a callus. You go out here and you have a little bit of an extra hump to get over as you're preparing for football. We play indoors here, so the gamedays will be a lot easier. But I like the challenge of coming out here and grinding with guys and getting to know them.

12) DD: As a receiver, what was the one thing you worked on to try and improve this offseason?
Conley: Just have an attack mentality at all times. I took my conditioning to another level and I want to be able to go out there and not only attack the football, but attack defenders with and without the ball.

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