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Houston Texans

12 Questions with DE Jacob Martin | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: First day: How was it?
Martin: Oh, man. You know it's always an adjustment period down here in Houston. Hot and humid. It was a good first day. Good sweat, obviously. But it was a good day.

2) DD: Collectively, what do you guys have to do better up front, as opposed to what happened in 2020?
Martin: It's a different scheme. Realy being accountable, and focusing on our mistakes and our shortcomings and getting better as a group and holding each other accountable. We're really focusing on on the team aspect of us playing football, being where you're supposed to be and just getting better and grinding with each other.

3) DD: How energizing is it being part of that new scheme?
Martin: It's awesome. It's an amazing transition. Getting to work with guys like Maliek Collins and Shaq Lawson and seeing Charles (Omenihu) and even J.G. (Jonathan Greenard). Excited to see what he can do and just happy to be here.

4) DD: Before you walked up to this interview, you spent some time with Maliek doing extra drills. What sort of stuff were you working on?
Martin: Just the small little details of the game. Whatever you messed up with or didn't like in practice. Or maybe I need to clean up and have some better footwork or different different pass rush moves or different hand placements. Just really focusing on the little details of the game.

5) DD: What was one thing you wanted to get better at this offseason?
Martin: Counters. Really working on counters and making all my (pass) rushes look the same.

6) DD: So how much do you get to work on that in a practice?
Martin: Quite a bit. (Defensive line) Coach Bobby (King) does a great job, working with our linemen in the team periods or the one-on-one situations. Then after practice I try to get as much work as I possibly can.

7) DD: Let's rank the Jacobs: Jacob Martin, former NFL great Jacob Green, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and Jacob's Ladder. How do they shake out?
Martin: Jacob's Ladder is last. That is terrible. John Jacob is second.

8) DD: Second to last?
Martin: Second to last. Jacob Martin's first. Then Jacob Green would be second. Then Jake Gyllenhaal, for sure.

9) DD: What's one thing this off season--off the field--that you're most proud of?
Martin: The work that was put in. Getting to to work with the guys that I'm playing with. I was really excited about working,whether it was here or with B.T. Jordan. Seeing the guys that were actually here at practice, we got to work with them this offseason. That was really cool to see. I haven't really been around anything like that where the majority of the guys stayed in town and got better.

10) DD: Did you go any place cool this offseason?
Martin: Oh yeah, took a linebacker trip to Mexico and got to go to Colorado for a little bit. I was in Philly for a second. So I got around a little bit.

11) DD: On the linebacker's trip, who packed the most and who packed the least?
Martin: I most definitely packed the most. I like to be prepared.

12) DD: What's going in a suitcase that is just above and beyond the essential stuff?
Martin: Oh, shoes, man. Got to have options.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: if you could give yourself one cool nickname, what would it be?
Martin: Mr. President.

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