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12Q w/CB Vernon Hargreaves, III | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's the most overrated vegetable of them all?
Hargreaves: I love vegetables, so that's tough for me. Probably squash.

2) DD: You were really good at track in high school. Let's say you got a 4 X 100 team consisting only of Texans. You're on it. Who are the other three on the relay?
Hargreaves: Will (Fuller, V), Brandin Cooks and Keion Crossen.

3) DD: Who's who's the anchor?
Hargreaves: Will. He'll take us home.

4) DD: What is one app that you would never, ever, ever consider deleting from your cell phone?
Hargreaves: Snapchat. I'm a Snapchat guy.

5) DD: What's the first movie that you ever saw that gave you nightmares?
Hargreaves: 'Saw'. I don't know which one, but yeah, when 'Saw' came out. That rubbed me the wrong way.

6) DD: Are you a horror film guy?
Hargreaves: I do like scary movies, but I was young when I first saw it. But I do like scary movies.

7) DD: What living person would you most like to meet and have a lunch with?
Hargreaves: Lil Wayne. First thing I would ask him is if I could go to the studio with him. I just always listen to music. Always have liked music. Lil Wayne's obviously my favorite artist. So that's one of my my life goals is to meet him. Be in the same room, get a picture or something like that. So, yeah, definitely getting in the booth with him, see how he works, how he creates what he creates.

8) DD: What three or four songs do you always listen to before kick off?
Hargreaves: Well you see, that changes because new music comes out. I don't have a set playlist, but I can give you three. One is 'Sun Came Out' by Gunna,'All In' by Lil Baby, and probably something by Pop Smoke off his latest album. Whatever is new or whatever I'm liking of what a new artist dropped. It switches for me.

9) DD: What is the perfect post game meal after a Texans win at NRG Stadium?
Hargreaves: Gus's World Famous fried chicken. It's one of my favorites. I usually go with the 3-piece dark, collard greens, mac and cheese, with a sweet tea.

10) DD: Pizzas or burgers?
Hargreaves: Burgers.

11) DD: What's on the perfect burger for you?
Hargreaves: Everything. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise, bacon, and green peppers.

12) DD: Let's say you've got to drive to Los Angeles. What one teammate are you going to have riding with you?
Hargreaves: I'll probably take Keion Crossen. He's going to make me laugh the whole way. It's going to be exciting with him. He's one of those guys that you've got to meet. You've got to see his energy every day on the practice field.

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