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12 Questions with DB Eric Murray | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What have the first few days of camp been like for you?
Murray: Just getting acclimated, a little bit more of a learning curve for the defense, since it's new. But I think as a team, we picked it up pretty quickly and we're rolling.

2) DD: You were a rookie with the Chiefs in 2016, and David Culley was an assistant there. What do you remember about your time then and how different is it or similar is it to now?
Murray: It's kind of similar. That's kind of the (coaching) tree he comes from, being around Andy (Reid) and all those guys. So it's eerily similar.

3) DD: What was one thing you wanted to get better at this offseason?
Murray: My transitions. Being able to come out of the breaks quicker, just to get to spots quicker so I can make more plays. I feel like my transition is what I really struggled with last year and those quick cuts and making those cuts and matching the guys stride-for-stride. So that's what I wanted to work on.

4) DD: How much harder or easier is it to work on that in camp?
Murray: It's a little bit easier because you actually have the bodies to do it. In the summer, you really don't have the bodies and the receivers. I can't get ten receivers and go out there and get all those different body types and get all those different types of experiences. So camp it makes it a little bit easier.

5) DD: Ok, let's get weird. Eric Murray, you're a football player. There's also a New Zealand rower named Eric Murray. That Eric Murray was on New Zealand television crying recently, because some women were winning at rowing in the Olympics. How does that make you feel?
Murray: I mean, if it's a joyous occasion, I've got no problem with it. Men cry too, sometimes.

6) DD: Let's rank the Erics. You, Eriq La Salle from 'Coming to America', Erik the Red the famous Viking, Erik Estrada from CHiPs, and Eric Clapton the guitarist.
Murray: I'll go Eric Clapton, just because he's got music, he's one. Then me. Then Erik Estrada, Eriq La Salle and Erik the Red.

7) DD: What's a different song that gets you excited?
Murray: 'Mississippi Queen' I used to play that song on Guitar Hero. It was fun. So I like that one.

8) DD: How often do you listen to "Mississippi Queen"?
Murray: Oh, it depends on if I really don't want to hear words and a lot of hard beats.

9) DD: Do you have multiple playlists?
Murray: No. I actually got the same playlist I have from high school. I got Apple Music though, so that kind of gives me the variety I need.

10) DD: What's the best song you can play on Guitar Hero?
Murray: I can't remember the guitar solo you do with the guy when you kind of get past that level. I think it's like... I can't remember his name. I can't remember.

11) DD: That was descriptive.
Murray: I'm sorry.

12) DD: Individually, what's your main goal for the rest of camp?
Murray: Continue to grow with the team and and come together.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What are you going to eat once training camp ends?
Murray: Pho. I like Pho.

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