12Q w/former NT Earl Mitchell | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How nervous would you get before a game and how did that compare to how nervous you were for the Super Bowl?

Mitchell: I was never too nervous before a game. Before a game was one of my favorite times.

2) DD: Which of your former Texans teammates do you still keep in touch with?

Mitchell: I keep in touch with Jared Crick, Tim Jamison. We have a pretty funny group text. Daryl Sharpton. I'll reach out to J.J. Watt every once in a while. That was a tight-knit group. It was a really fun time.

3) DD: You brought up Sharpton. Is he one of the most underrated funny people of all time?

Shaprton: Yes, severely, I think. It used to bother me that he wasn't able to kind of put his personality out there, but I think he felt like, 'I'm a middle linebacker. People got to know I'm serious.' But he was probably one of the least serious people you'll ever meet. Just a super funny guy.

4) DD: Who's the nastiest offensive lineman you ever had to square off against?

Mitchell: Richie Incognito. I think he brought an energy out of everyone on the defensive line.

5) DD: What's the loudest game you've ever played in as a Houston Texan?

Mitchell: The playoff game against the Bengals in 2011. That's the loudest in my 10-year career, and I'm not even trying to be biased here. Whenever I went to another team, I told people about it.

6) DD: You had an interesting college career in Arizona. What was that like?

Mitchell: It was a great time. I got to play offense with Nick Foles and Rob Gronkowski and it was just really fun. Rob as a young player would just run up the middle of the field and just throw his arm up like 'I'm open'. Sometimes he would just forget plays at times.

Being able to play with some legends in this game just in college was good stuff. That's where I felt like I really grew as a player.

7) DD: How proud are you to be from North Shore high school?

Mitchell: I love to go and watch them play. That was a stint where I didn't play during the season, so that's where I spent most of my time going, just trying to get a chance to go and watch those guys play. I went to Dallas and watched those guys play in the state championship and they they did was amazing. I was really proud to have gone there and learned from some of the best.

8) DD: What was your first job?.

Mitchell: I was pretty blue collar. I cut yards around the neighborhood. I did a lot of work for my high school coaches.

9) DD: So what was the first big purchase?

Mitchell: Probably my truck. I still drive it to this day! Everybody makes fun of it. It's an F-150.

10) DD: You're a big wrestling fan, so from the all-time wrestling greats, who would be your tag team partner?

Mitchell: Got to be Steve Austin. He's been my favorite since I was 10. So charismatic. 

11) DD: Have you met many wrestlers in your in your time?

Mitchell: Yeah. Got I got to meet The Undertaker. I sat next to him on a plane once on the way back from a WrestleMania. That was intense for me. He's been one of my heroes since I was a young boy. That was really cool.

12) DD: What would your walk-up music be if you were a wrestler?

Mitchell: Being a local guy,.I think Slim Thug or something like that, because I want people to know that I'm from Houston. I think our city just brings a whole vibe.

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