12Q w/Kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn | Drew's Dozen

1)DD: What do you do and what are you thinking about in the situations where another team calls a timeout before you kick?
Fairbairn: I prefer getting iced. It's a good time to collect your thoughts and take your time with everything. Find your target point and just kind of take care of the simple things. That's that's usually what I try and focus on: the technique and just keeping my thoughts to a minimum.

2)DD: You are from Kailua. That's on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. I've been there. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. So for someone who's from Kailua, where do you honeymoon? Because you're from one of the most beautiful, exotic places in the world.
Fairbairn: We've been spoiled. My wife and I, we grew up in Kailua. The beaches, as you know, are second to none. But we like to travel, we like to see different cultures. We ended up in New Zealand for two weeks and kind of got to explore over there.

3)DD: Spam musubi. Where do you stand on that? Do you like it?
Fairbairn: I love it. I've been eating for as long as I can remember. It was always an after game snack. You had the oranges during halftime and then Spam musubi after the game and it always hit spot.

4)DD: For those who are unfamiliar with it, what's Spam musubi?
Fairbairn: All right. So you've got your base, which is white rice. Gotta have the white rice. Then you have a can of Spam and usually cook both sides, put a little soy sauce on there and plant that onto the rice and then you get seaweed and wrap it around and it makes for delicious treat.

5)DD: Do you miss it? How much do you get a chance to get it here?
Fairbairn: Honestly homemade is some of the best. You know, the fresh rice, fresh Spam and seaweed.

6)DD: What do you miss most during this sheltering-in-place?
Fairbairn: Being able to see everybody and not worrying about contact. Like, you see a friend and you want to shake hands, but it's kind of just a wave right now. But I think it's important to look at the positives. Just being able to kind of simplify things right now Your family and your health are the most important thing.

7)DD: What show have you binged during this pandemic?
Fairbairn: We've been watching Ozark. It's it's an amazing show for sure. Must watch. I think we're going to start Yellowstone pretty soon. Then 'The Office'. You turn it on and it's kind of mindless and it makes me laugh.

8)DD: Speaking of The Office, who on the Texans is most similar to Dwight Schrute?
Fairbairn: Oh, sheesh. Dwight's one of a kind. You can't really compare him to anybody. Do we have any farmers on the team? I don't even know.

9)DD: You were an awesome soccer player growing up. So who is your all-time favorite soccer player?
Fairbairn: Thierry Henry. He was that was my favorite. I grew up watching Arsenal when they were the team to beat. He was unreal.

10)DD: What Houston Texans player you think would make a good soccer player?
Fairbairn: (Punter) Bryan Anger kicks a lot of balls for a living. So I've got to go with him. But I got to throw Justin Reid in too. I've seen him boot a football quite a few times, and he's not bad.

11)DD: Who's your All-Time favorite NFL player?
Fairbairn: I really liked LaDainian Tomlinson growing up, running back for the Chargers. He was the closest thing I had to home as far as a team. I enjoyed watching him growing up.

12)DD: What has been your loudest NFL experience?
Fairbairn: It's a close tie between New Orleans last year and the Seahawks in 2017. Those two stadiums were pretty amazing.

BAKER'S DOZEN)DD: Who's your funniest teammate?
Fairbairn: I'm locker mates with Dylan Cole. He sits right next to me and he's always cracking jokes, especially at odd times.

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