12Q w/OLB Whitney Mercilus | Drew's Dozen

Outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus and Drew Dougherty had a nice talk about a variety of things. You can listen to the entire conversation by clicking HERE. A condensed version of their talk is below.

1) DD: What's the first thing you do every morning when you wake up?
Mercilus: I'm not going to lie to you: I just stare at the ceiling, like can I get some extra sleep in?

2) DD: The pandemic has been terrible for so many different reasons. But there have been some good things to come out of it. Some have picked up new talents, new hobbies, found a skill that they've they've they've didn't know they had. What's a silver lining of the pandemic for you?
Mercilus: I actually learned a little bit more about investing. I wish I would have done it a lot sooner. I was pretty educated on it previously, but I'm much more educated now and I've been doing some investing myself with like a little play account of my own.

3) DD: You got any stock tips?
Mercilus: Take all the emotion out of stocks, completely. Don't fall into the hype, the hoopla and stuff. Buy into things that you actually love. Always have a strategy.

4) DD: Who makes you laugh?
Mercilus: My brother. When we get together we just turn into some goofballs.

5) DD: What's the latest goofball thing you guys have laughed about?
Mercilus: Probably egging some houses or something like that. Or playing backyard football with my cousins. We used to go at it and smack the heck out of each other.

6) DD: What's the latest thing and most elaborate thing you've cooked?
Mercilus: I cooked duck breasts, and that was pretty elaborate. But I will say, trying to do lobster bisque was tough. I actually screwed it up. I'm still trying to perfect that.

7) DD: Pizzas or burgers?
Mercilus: Pizza.

8) DD: What's on your perfect pizza?
Mercilus: Tomato sauce, mozzarella. It's going to be meat lover's, no question. Pepperoni, Italian sausage, green olives, pepperoncinis, too. I love that little kick, that little spice and a little tang that you get.

9) DD: Is there anything more disappointing in life than hearing you're getting pizza and then you show up and they have Margherita pizza?
Mercilus: Yo, I don't like it! No question.

10) DD: What's a TV show you binged during the Quarantine?
Mercilus: There's two that I absolutely love out there. 'Ozark' and 'Money Heist'.

11) DD: Who is your tidiest teammate?
Mercilus: I would go with Justin Reid.

12) DD: If you had to quarantine with a celebrity, who would you choose?
Mercilus: It would have been cool, R.I.P., to quarantine with Chadwick Boseman. That would have been awesome for sure. Maybe Denzel Washington, I like his movies. He's an intelligent individual, and I would pick his mind about a lot of things.

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