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12Q w/S A.J. Moore | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What show have you been watching the most over the last couple of months while we've all sort of been in a self quarantine?
Moore: I watched Ozark. I'm currently watching Money Heist right now. I literally just stopped watching that show before I got on with you. And Outer Banks. People should definitely check that out.

2) DD: Who's your funniest teammate?
Moore: Dunny (Brandon Dunn).

3) DD: Why?
Moore: He's got real good energy. Always joking. He's the DJ of the locker room. So we joke a lot on music.

4) DD: If you could suit up this season for Bassfield High School. What positions are you gonna play? And what would your stat line be if you play one game?
Moore: We're a small school and we had a small team. We were very talented and we didn't care how big the opponent was or how many players they had. So we had to play both ways. I will go back to my normal positions, which were fullback and linebacker. After we get up on the scoreboard, our coach would take us out. But I'd run for three touchdowns, maybe 150 yardss. On defense, just a light day: maybe 15 tackles, a couple of forced fumbles, maybe two interceptions. Only in a half, though.

5) DD: Your twin brother C.J. was a rookie this year with the Detroit Lions. Since he's been in the NFL, how much did you get to talk with him?
Moore: Oh, we talk every day. We sit on the phone for hours. We talk about each other's day. Since he was kind of new going into tNFL, I wanted to hear how things were going. With this whole quarantine deal, he's been here living with me this whole entire time. We've been working out together and spending a ton of time together.

6) DD: I'm not minimizing anything that's happened with COVID-19. It's horrible. But there have been a few good side effects and I think you getting to spend time with your brother has been a nice side effect, hasn't it?
Moore: Definitely. It's a tough time right now in the world. But like you said, it's been a good time for guys just to spend time with family.

7) DD: You mentioned earlier in the interview that you've been back and forth to Mississippi. You know quite a bit about farming and when we talked last, you told me you did a lot of bush-hogging? What is bush-hogging?
Moore: It's cutting grass and pastures where a normal lawnmower can't get to. It's basically just keeping your pasture good and clean. We bush hog a lot. We like to keep our stuff short.

8) DD: Bush-hogging can be pretty therapeutic, right?
Moore: Yes, but it's hot out there. It can be very therapeutic, but you might want to bring some water.

9) DD: I'm going to crown you as the Houston Texans' best bush-hogger, but if there was a second-best bush-hogger, who would that be?
Moore: Jacob Martin always dresses up as a cowboy. But I don't know if he's truly country. He has the look. It would have to be my cousin Cornelius Armstrong. He's always with us when we're at home. He's at the farm with us. We're always hanging out.

10) DD: Who do you think would be the worst bush-hogger?
Moore: The worst bush-hogger would have to be Deshaun Watson.

11) DD: Why?
Moore: Because for some reason, I just don't feel like he would have any idea what to do on a tractor.

12) DD: What's the last thing that you've cooked?
Moore: My twin and I grilled yesterday. Chicken, hot links. Some people call it pink sausage. Hamburgers. It was pretty good.

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