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12Q w/S Eric Murray | Drew's Dozen

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV interviewed safety Eric Murray. You can listen to the entire conversation here. A condensed version of it is below.

1) DD: How has the adjustment been here in Houston?
Murray: It's definitely been nice to just be out there, mostly camaraderie. I'm coming into a good culture already. So just transitioning. That's just perfect for me due to all the stuff that's going on in the world.

2) DD: Describe for those who may not may not have seen you play, who you are as a football player.
Murray: I just go get it. I've always been a relentless player. I bring versatility and things like that to the defense. Wherever I'm needed, I try to provide and just play to the best of my ability.

3) DD: What is Anthony Weaver like as a defensive coordinator?
Murray: He's a good coordinator. I really like that. He brings the same attitude every day, just creates that consistency among us. The culture is definitely infectious. No matter through the ups and downs, the person is going to remain the same. So I really respect that about him. Plus, I like the way he calls a game and how he tries to mix up things.

4) DD: You played last year in Cleveland, but before that you were a Kansas City Chief. It's where you began your career. That's where the Texans begin 2020 on Thursday Night Football, September 10th. How excited are you for that?
Murray: I'm definitely excited to go back. I'm a little bummed that the atmosphere won't be the same. But I'm definitely excited to go back and play against my former team.

5) DD: What are your impressions of Justin Reid?
Murray: He's a really smart guy, really smart. To be his third year in the League, he brings great leadership. That's huge in young players. He practices the right way and he studies the right way. He's definitely a great example to follow for everybody in the room.

6) DD: What have you noticed about the special teams units since you got here?
Murray: You've got to have guys who take pride in it. We definitely have a core group of people who take pride in special teams. The more conviction you play with, the better the team will be and it'll create a better camaraderie amongst the third phase of the game.

7) DD: You played your college ball in Minnesota. You were a part of two bowl games right here in this building, the Texas Bowl, in consecutive years. What do you remember about your times here when you were in college?
Murray: I remember that we never won here. So that was a little depressing. Every time I came back here, I would know that I didn't win. But the atmosphere was crazy. So I definitely know the fans here. They love football. So that was exciting. It just was a good time being down here and watching my college and enjoy going through it.

8) DD: What show did you binge watch during the quarantine?
Murray: 'Ozark'. Right now I'm watching 'Avatar, The Legend of Korra'.

9) DD: If you had to quarantine with just one Texans teammate, who would that teammate be?
Murray: That's tough. I would probably say right now it'll be Jaylen Watkins. I signed, and then he signed and we happened to be in Florida at the same time. So we got our physicals around the same time. So he's a real-family oriented guy and I have a family as well. So I think we kind of bond on that front.

10) DD: What celebrity would you quarantine with if you had to quarantine with somebody?
Murray: Wiz Khalifa. I love Wiz. That's my favorite rapper. I've been following him forever.

11) DD: Your name is Eric Murray. Did you know that there's an Eric Murray out in the world from the country of New Zealand who's won gold medals in rowing?
Murray: Yes. Oh, yes. Every time I Google my name, he's the first guy who pops up. So I definitely have seen him before on Google.

12) DD: Let's rank all the Murrays. We've got you. We got the rower. There's Bill Murray, and Murray from 'Sesame Street'. And baseball hall of famer Eddie Murray.
Murray: I'll do Murray from 'Sesame Street' because my son loves 'Sesame Street'. I love that he's a character on 'Sesame Street' and his name is Marnie. I think that's nice. Then I'll go with me, and I'll do Bill Murray third and then I'll do the rower. And Eddie Murray is five.

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