12Q w/TE Jordan Akins | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Which teammate do you you keep in touch with most?
Akins: I'd say, JT. Jordan Thomas. He's doing good, man. Taking care of his body and getting his mind right. So I'm excited to see where he is when we get back on the field. He's doing good, man. He's, you know, taking care, his body getting his mind right. You know, and learning information that he needs to learn and putting in the work. So I'm excited to see where he is when we get back on the field.

2) DD: Hobby, talent, or skill that you picked up during this pandemic?
Akins: Just being creative. Being very crafty. My girlfriend is actually pregnant, so we had a gender reveal and she had me doing all types of stuff, which I thought I wouldn't like. But I actually ended up enjoying it. It kind of opened up my imagination and showed me a lot that I could do with stuff that's just laying around the house that's outstanding.

3) DD: Did you guys have the gender reveal or is it still to come?
Akins: We did. It's a girl.

4) DD: What's have you missed the most during all this?
Akins: I miss the locker room. My teammates, my coaches, just being around the environment and the game. When I'm not there, I just feel like something's missing. We're not really used to having this much time off. It is nice, but I'm ready to get back on the field.

5) DD: Have you had time to binge watch any shows lately?
Akins: Yes, All American on Netflix.

6)DD: You played minor league baseball in the Rangers organization between high school and UCF. But when you were growing up, who was your favorite baseball player?
Akins: Andruw Jones. I wore the number 25 growing up. I played centerfield. I was drafted as a centerfielder. I always followed him. He always came through clutch for the Braves. Whether it was moving the runners on base, or bringing in runs, he was an outstanding player.

7)DD: What's the longest bus ride you've ever been on?
Akins: 14 hours. Oh, man. It was from Hickory, North Carolina to New Jersey.

8)DD: When you were in baseball, where did you get to play, internationally?
Akins I played in the Dominican Republic. I played in Haiti. The kids were calling me 'Grande'.

9)DD: Who is your funniest teammate?
Akins: Davin Bellamy. Bellamy is hilarious. He is always lightening up the locker room. He just always puts smiles on everybody's faces. He's gonna make you smile.

10)DD: You have a go-to song before you play a game on Sundays?
Akins: It depends on what mood I wake up in. I really like jazz. When a game comes on I like to listen to Future.

11)DD: What's the fiercest rivalry you've been a part of?
Akins: College. USF was our rival. There were some games to remember.

12) DD: Who's your favorite all-time NFL player?
Akins: Randy Moss and Cris Carter. I used to try to mimic everything they did. Routes. The way he'd go up and get the ball at the highest point. You know, Mossing people? I used to try to do that all the time.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What's the last thing or last time you've cooked?
Akins: I cooked for my family down in Orlando on Tuesday. I grilled some steaks. T-bones and ribeyes.

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