Bill O'Brien: Texans building for wins "in January"

The Texans aren't satisfied.

The Texans aren't finished.

The Texans, in their own words, have a long way to go.

Head coach Bill O'Brien spoke Friday about the many changes that have taken place, and will still happen, roster-wise. Several free agent signings from outside the team and from within, coupled with a massive trade, have changed the makeup of the squad significantly.

But according to O'Brien, the Texans aren't done with the changes.

"We're not trying to win March," O'Brien said. "We're trying to win in January. We feel like these moves put us in a position where we're incomplete right now. We're not where we want to be. It's April. It's not November. We're trying to set our team up, depth-wise, talent-wise, everything that we do, to be able to win in January."

During the early part of free agency, Houston sought help from outside the organization and came to terms with receiver Randall Cobb, safeties Eric Murray and Jaylen Watkins, offensive lineman Brett Qvale and defensive lineman Tim Jernigan.

O'Brien explained the positive attributes of each during the Friday conference call.

Murray, who O'Brien described as "competitive" and "a really good tackler" will contribute as a "great special teams player and an excellent safety"

Watkins, according to O'Brien, "has a lot of respect around the Leauge" and "is going to be an excellent safety for us and an excellent special teams player."

Qvale comes to Houston after six seasons with the Jets. O'Brien believes the "tough guy" will provide "really good depth there on the offensive line".

Jernigan's ability to play all along the defensive front was a big plus in the eyes of O'Brien.

O'Brien said he and the assistant coaches can't wait to work with the newest Texans, whenever that may be. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, offseason conditioning plans have been put on hold.

"We're looking forward to getting started with those guys," O'Brien said.

He also described the creative ways in which the team has worked out individually.

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