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Coming home hungry | Vandermeer's View

Once again, the Texans were right there with time running out and a chance to win. They didn't get it done, falling at Chicago 23-20, hungrier than ever to get their first win of 2022.

Where Sunday's game ranks in the 'most frustrating losses' category can be debated another time. Let's just say the Texans saw another golden opportunity for a victory slip away and remain scoreless on the season in the 4th quarter and beyond.

Through weeks one and two, the Texans weren't bitten hard by the injury bug. Sunday, they were hurt badly by two interceptions off deflections.

The first took potential points off the board in the first half as it happened in a goal-to-go situation at the five-yard line. The second gave the Bears the ball in short field goal range, in a tie game, with no time left to do anything about it.

It was more than that though. On a day they made so many defensive plays, the Texans were still hammered on the ground, giving up 281 yards, third most in their history.

Yet they kept the Bears at bay on the scoreboard. Jalen Pitre had two interceptions, the first of his career, and a sack. Jerry Hughes had two sacks. There were so many plays made to keep the Bears from extending drives.

On offense, there were some bright spots, like Dameon Pierce running hard for 80 yards on 20 carries, including his first TD run. He fumbled twice but Houston recovered both.

Davis Mills threw his third touchdown pass of the season, to former and current tight end Jordan Akins. Mills was 20-32 for 245 yards but the the two picks cost the Texans dearly.

The Texans came into the game knowing they needed to be better on third down but they went three for 11, a week after going two for 13.

They also had another great chance to do something big in the fourth quarter, getting the ball as deep as the Bear 35, with a second down and six, early in the fourth. Had they been able to get at least a field goal opportunity, we might be celebrating right now. But there were two ensuing negative plays, forcing a punt.

Up next are the Chargers at home. Nothing will be easy as the Texans are going to have to find a way to play well with the game on the line.

Crunch time situations on offense have come up dry. For three straight weeks, they have had chances on the plus side of the field to take the lead or tie and didn't cash in.

There were some things to build on. The pass rush and takeaways were terrific. There were encouraging plays in the passing game. Pierce is developing as a prime playmaker.

But the team needs to win to get the rewards for their efforts. Sunday presents another opportunity. The Texans are counting on a great week of prep and the energy of the home environment to power them to a better finish.

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