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Could Dameon Pierce go pro in another sport? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: What's your favorite Tik-tok dance?
    DP: Fun fact, I don't even have Tik-Tok on my phone.
  2. DD: Who has the cleanest locker on a team?
    DP: Dare Ogunbowale. L.T. (Laremy Tunsil) or Jon Weeks.
  3. DD: Who's got the dirtiest?
    DP: Me, Troy Hairston, and probably a D-lineman. That corner of the locker room is messy.
  4. DD: What's your go-to karaoke song?
    DP: 'Remember the Time' by Michael Jackson.
  5. DD Were you a Disney or a Nickelodeon kid growing up?
    DP: Ooooh, Nickelodeon. 'CatDog'. 'Hey Arnold!' with the big head.
  6. DD: What is your zodiac sign?
    DP: I'm a fish. I'm cool, calm and smooth with the water. The Pisces.
  7. DD: What's your favorite nickname?
    DP: Buster. My grandmama gave me that one because I was a fat baby.
  8. DD: What are some other nicknames?
    DP: The ones I've heard and I responded to are: D. DP. Buster. Peazy. Diesel. Bowleg.
  9. DD: What's your oldest memory?
    DP: I remember me and my mama were going to my grandmamma's house, and she had a concrete porch. I fell off and skinned my head. I was a clumsy kid.
  10. DD: So is there a crater in the concrete because of it?
    DP: Not a crater. Just a crack.
  11. DD: Marvel or DC?
    DP: Marvel. Yeah. I like Quicksilver.
  12. DD: In what other sport could you be a professional?
    DP: Pie eating.

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