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Could Roy Lopez be a pro boxer? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: If you could be a pro in any other sport, which would it be?
    RL: Boxing.
  2. DD: I know you were a state champion wrestler back home in Arizona, but do you a boxing background?
    RL: Not too much. Just here and there for fun and training. I got to train with Maliek Collins this offseason. He's got a boxing gym, so I have fun and mess around.
  3. DD: What is your first memory as a child?
    RL: Traveling to wrestling tournaments.
  4. DD: How old were you?
    RL: Probably five. I wrestled at a very young age. My parents always put that on me and always wanted me to to strive for something. I traveled all over the country, wrestling and doing national tournaments and just competing.
  5. DD: Were you a Disney or Nickelodeon kid?
    RL: I was neither. I was the youngest and had two older sisters so I would never get the remote. So I watched MTV, or when my dad got home ESPN.
  6. DD: Who is your celebrity lookalike?
    RL: If I get to choose who's playing me in the movie, I'm choosing Dwayne Johnson. I've also been compared to the character "Maui" in "Moana".
  7. DD: What is your most used emoji?
    RL: A laughing face or a blue heart.
  8. DD: What's your favorite social media platform?
    RL: Instagram.
  9. DD: What are some of the games you played with your family growing up?
    RL: Uno, Gin Rummy, Jenga, Connect 4.
  10. DD: Which teammate could play on the other side of the ball?
    RL: We're going to go with D-line because that's kind of cool. We'll probably go Rasheem Green, who used to play offensive line or probably Jonathan Greenard. I think he's got it.
  11. DD: What is your spirit animal?
    RL: I'm a chill guy outside of this building. So, a lion.
  12. DD: Who was your favorite NFL player growing up?
    RL: It is between LaDainian Tomlinson and Shawne Merriman.

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