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Houston Texans

Dare Ogunbowale's best advice | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Which Texans teammate has the cleanest locker?
    DO: Rex Burkhead. He keeps his stuff real tight. Everything's nice and neat.
  2. DD: What is your most-used emoji?
    DO: Probably just the laughing emoji. I laugh a lot.
  3. DD: Who is your celebrity lookalike?
    DO: Gunna. He's got dreads. That's all it is.
  4. DD: Were you a Disney or a Nickelodeon kid growing up?
    DO: I was really a Cartoon Network kid. But I would probably say Disney. The movies were good on Disney.
  5. DD: What's your favorite Disney movie?
    DO: Lion King.
  6. DD: What's the best piece of advice you were ever given?
    DO: Compete with yourself, and not worry about what other people are doing. Just try to be better than you were yesterday. My dad told me that.
  7. DD: What's your dad's name?
    DO: Greg.
  8. DD: What's on your perfect plate at a barbecue restaurant?
    DO: Brisket. I don't need the sandwich. Maybe a little sweet-and-spicy barbecue sauce. Mac and cheese, some greens.
  9. DD: Who on the team would you not let date your sister?
    DO: (Fullback) Troy Hairston. He's a great guy, but if you watch the way he plays, he's just super aggressive, bro. And I don't need no aggressive man with my sister. You feel me? I need somebody nice and gentle. Today's actually Troy's birthday. But he's got to stay away from my sister, bro.
  10. DD: What's your favorite nickname?
    DO: My full name is Oluwadare. So Dare technically is a nickname. I don't have many nicknames besides that. I guess in college, guys call me "Reezy" for no reason. I don't even know how it started.
  11. DD: What was your first memory?
    DO: I'll probably say second grade, which is weird. I probably should remember things before that, but I remember second grade pretty vividly. I had a cool teacher, Miss Phillips, and school was just real fun.
  12. DD: What did Miss Phillips do to make school fun?
    DO: She did this little clapping thing in the morning. I just remember in second grade being super fun. I don't remember much besides that.

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