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Desmond King's scary first memory | Drew's Dozen 

*1) DD: Who is your favorite teammate to sit next to on the plane? *DK: Right now I sit next to Brandin Cooks on the plane. He's a pretty funny dude.

2) DD: Who is your celebrity lookalike?
DK: I don't know. But Tytus Howard keeps calling me Tracy Morgan. I feel like I know who Tracy Morgan is, and I don't feel like that's true.

3) DD: When's the last time you played Jenga?
DK: I'll probably say last offseason with my mom.

*4) DD: Which teammate could play on the other side of the ball? *DK: Tremon Smith. He's a pretty good athlete. And last year he played on offense.

5) DD: Which teammate is the best hype man?
DK: Jalen Pitre. Young energy, man. That's what gets me going. I see my teammates with that energy. It gets me going even more. So, I like bringing energy.

6) DD: Are you kind of a hype man yourself?
DK: Yeah. I like having fun. That's what it's about when you're out there on the field, man. If you bring that spirit out there, others around you kind of gravitate to it. Then it's just kind of contagious out there.

7) DD: What's your favorite potato chip?
DK: Mesquite barbecue Kettle cooked.

8) DD: What would your walk-up song be?
DK: "Walk Thru" by Rich Homie Quan.

9) DD: Marvel or DC?
DK: I'm going with Marvel. I used to play that little fighting game, "Marvel vs. DC", so I always pick the Marvel people anyway.

10) DD: What's your first memory as a kid?
DK: I was four years old. Me and my brothers and my cousins, we were all going to our summer camp and this dog got loose and started chasing us. Out of nowhere it just started chasing me. So I make it to our little park that we go to, and I saw the fence. I started climbing up the fence and it grabbed my shoe. I thought I was gone. But it grabbed my shoe, took my shoe off, and I just stayed there and it was just barking at me the whole time.

11) DD: Did you get the shoe back?

DK: No.

12) DD: Who on the team would you not let date your sister?
DK: I don't have a sister. But I'd probably go with Mario Addison. We're in the same fraternity. So we're wild people, man. We like to have fun.

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