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Did you know Jalen Pitre was a fullback? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Who has the best hair on the Texans?
    JP: Roy Lopez.
  2. DD: You have good hair, too. Didn't want to vote for yourself?
    JP: Yeah, but I'm not trying to brag on myself. I got to give some light to my teammates.
  3. DD: What goes on the perfect barbecue plate?
    JP: I love barbecue. I got to have some brisket. Some ribs, for sure. If they got macaroni and cheese, I'm gonna go with that and got to have some type of beans. You always got to have some beans on a barbecue.
  4. DD: Any dessert?
    JP: We did a lot with that plate, so I'm gonna skip dessert.
  5. DD: What games did you play growing up?
    JP: Connect 4. So Connect 4 is probably my favorite. Plus a lot of video games with my brother. Madden, too.
  6. DD: How much older is your brother?
    JP: My brother's a year-and-a-half older than me.
  7. DD: So you two were fighting and talking a lot of smack to each other, right?
    JP: All the time. That's where a lot of the scars come from. He made me real tough.
  8. DD: What's your go-to karaoke song?
    JP: "Dreams and Nightmares" by Meek Mill. I had to do that song for one of my rookie deals. So I know that song real well.
  9. DD: You can choose between brunch with Jay-Z or $500,000. What's your choice?
    JP: That's a good one. But I'm going to brunch with Jay-Z. He's my favorite rapper. I just feel like he's got so much game to give to people. I understand that that is a lot of money, but I'm gonna go in there with my notebook ready to take some notes.
  10. DD: What is your guilty pleasure song?
    JP: Put me on the spot with that one. I wouldn't say I have a song, but Beyoncé is a great artist. So I would say a lot of her songs, even though I really don't know them. Shout out to Beyoncé with that one.
  11. DD: What's your first memory as a kid?
    JP: Probably winning a Super Bowl my freshman year in Little League football. I was the only one to score a touchdown. That's a big, big moment in my childhood.
  12. DD: What happened on the touchdown?
    JP: I played fullback, so it was a straight fullback dive. It was a rainy, rough game. I took it 30 yards and the final score ended up being 6 to 0. I ended up winning MVP for that too.

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